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Is the ADHD Drug Worth Its Associated Risk?

There is growing awareness on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the United States. In fact, in a typical American classroom of 30 students, it is estimated that 1 to 3 students have ADHD. Twenty-five percent of these students will have serious learning disabilities. This neuropsychological disorder is characterized by hyperactivity, short attention span and impulsivity. Conventional treatments for this condition include the use of stimulants and antidepressants. While these drugs do not cure the condition, they can temporarily relieve symptoms in children and adults with Read more

The Religion of Love – Where Can I Find True Love?


Where can I find true Love?


“Love is not of the world but of the spirit, and when you seek outside yourself for Love you look in the wrong place, for already are you Love. Look instead for places where you may give Love, for Love is not Love until it is given. And in giving know the things of the world, are limited and temporary and bind one to suffering. Give then, that which is unlimited and eternal and frees one from suffering. Give God. Anything less is not Love.” (Excerpt from the book “The Religion of Read more

Why Do We Fear Change?

I lived in the same house for 21 years and then I left home. It was safe in that house, secure, of course it was childhood and I did not have to worry about anything, my parents took care of me and provided what I needed. When I finally moved at age 21, I had to really take care of myself and it was terrifying. You see at the time I was pregnant and unmarried, so I not only had myself to look after, but my unborn child as well. I remember the fear of change I felt to this day. I did not even tell my parents; I just left the house with a few clothes and personal belongings and left a letter Read more

Ovarian Cysts Natural Cures – Treat the Cause and Eliminate the Symptoms Using Holistic Methods!

Ovarian cysts natural cures should be a woman’s first treatment if she has an ovarian cyst. I don’t like to contradict conventional medicine, but as someone who has already has surgery for ovarian cysts, I feel that women should at least be given the option. If you have ever suffered from painful cysts, lost time from work and family or are just tired of being unhealthy, you should learn about natural remedies can help women cure their ovarian cysts before they start.

The Conventional Medicine Gap in Ovarian Cysts Treatment

Fortunately, conventional medicine has Read more

How to Read the Label Wines

Most of those who buy a bottle of wine is influenced by the pack: the designs, colors, shapes, and this confuses the ideas of the consumer, especially if inexperienced because the gaze away from key information affecting the choice of product. But that is another question ….. the thing which interests us is how to read and understand the information given.

In Italy as in any other country, the law imposes specific standards to which every manufacturer must follow in order to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product. The information to be reported, in this case we Read more

Being a Channel

I have always found it difficult to be a channel. First of all it was because of working with what many term as God. I knew from the age of 5 I was going to be doing that. I awoke one morning with a “knowing” but I had just become a Christian and thought it was my infatuation which I had with Jesus. Then when I was 8 I had a profound experience where I went into a Catholic church and wanted to go down to the altar and genuflect (lie down in the form of a cross). I found out later that is what Nuns did in their services and as postulants who had done something wrong and had to Read more

Alternative Vitamins For ADHD – How Important Are They?

What have niacin, biotin and thiamine all got in common? They are all part of the Vitamin B group which is one of the best alternative vitamins for ADHD. Why? Because they help the neurotransmitters in our brain to function efficiently. These are the ones that influence our moods, control our impulses and help our attention span.

As you may have noticed these are the problem areas for ADHD sufferers. Anything which help these parts of the brain to work better will help to reduce these ADHD symptoms. Alternative vitamins for ADHD will not cure this condition but they will certainly Read more

Cure For Yeast Infection – Here is How to Stop Yeast Infection and Prevent Future Occurrences

Due to the widespread of the disease, information on cure for yeast infection is quite in demand. In fact, several treatment products have been marketed to provide solution and relief for people suffering from an infection. However, what many fail to realize is that they can do something to prevent the infection in the first place. Indeed, prevention it is the most effective cure for yeast infection. Here’s how you can save yourself from this dilemma.

Proper Hygiene

Since yeast infection is caused by the buildup of bacteria in certain places of the body, practicing Read more

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Finding the Right Wine Making Recipe

The wine you serve can make or break a meal, whether the dishes you serve are delicious or not. Having a meal with good wine brings out the best qualities and tastes of the food, not to mention good mood from everyone you are to be dining with. If you are ready to create your own wines, you need to find the right wine making recipe that can amuse, and amaze your guests. 

A bottle of good wine nowadays can be expensive if you want o make sure of the quality. This is why a lot of people have considered making their own. However, it is not an easy process, especially if you have not Read more

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