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ADHD in Children – Is it Because of Snoring?

Children, just like adults, can snore during the night. They snore for the same reasons as adults like being over tired or having colds or allergies. In some cases, snoring can be a red flag for asthma, other breathing problems, or more serious issues like sleep apnea. Growing in large numbers is snoring in children due to being over weight or obese. This is caused by a lack of daily exercise and a bad diet.

While these links between children and chronic snoring are shocking, it is more startling to learn that there is a direct link between children who snore and the mimicking signs Read more

ADHD Behavior – Is Therapy the Answer?

At last the tide is turning. The American Academy of Pediatrics is now advising its members, doctors and parents that a child who has mild ADHD behavior problems should first be treated with behaviour therapy rather putting him on ADHD meds straight away. They are also recommending that when the medications fail, as they often do, then behavioral intervention is much more preferable than finding other drugs which might or might not be suitable for the poor child. Now this is sound parenting advice but it has taken a very long time to surface.

More good news has come from the White Read more

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Pain During Sexual Intercourse

Pain during intercourse is medically known as dyspareunia. It is defined as pain or discomfort a woman experiences in her vagina, pelvis or labia during sexual intercourse. Painful intercourse can occur due to many reasons. Some of them are endometriosis, adhesions, and ovarian cysts. Even vaginal infections, uterine prolapsed or bladder prolapsed can lead to painful sex.

Here are five leading reasons for pain during sexual intercourse:

1. Hormones: Hormonal changes, either occurring natural or due to surgical menopause, can lead to painful intercourse. Usually as a woman Read more

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Hair Loss and Menopause – What Can You Do?

Menopause is an extremely stressful time for most women. There are significant physical changes and emotional effects. One side effect that especially upsets many women is hair loss. Equally upsetting to many women, they also start growing hair, often described as “peach fuzz,” on their faces.

Hormone levels change drastically during menopause. Both estrogen and progesterone can effect your hair, including when their balance is changed during menopause. This can cause thinning, and yes, growing peach fuzz on your face.

If you are experiencing hair loss, especially Read more

How to Stop Smoking Today

The worst thing you can do towards quitting smoking is to put it off. Setting quit dates and making doctor’s appointments are all just ways to put off something that you’ve built up a fear of doing. Quitting smoking isn’t hard though, you just have to go about it the right way!

The reason why so many peoples’ quit smoking attempts fail is because they try to push it off to another day or, even worse, try to cure it with nicotine replacements and the like. A quick glance at the success rates (Hint: they’re under 10%) and the complete lack of any guarantee Read more

Stopping Pure Sleep Snoring

There are a lot of people that have a pure sleep snoring problem. If there is a person in the bed next to you at night, they probably hear a chainsaw going all night. Snoring is really a damaging problem, but it’s often damaging to the people around you. It’s your spouse that usually gets it the worse. If you have children or a roommate, they’ll often hear it through the walls. This puts people into shallow sleeping patterns, which inevitably makes them irritable and stressed out. I think it is important to have a little empathy for the people around you, so that Read more

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Fear of Clowns is Nothing to Laugh About

The official name for someone who has a fear clowns is coulrophobia. It is a much more common phobia than most people would think. Most professionals believe the root cause of having a fear of clowns is some early childhood traumatic event. Traumatic only in the sense it frightening to the child.

The actual incident itself may have been long forgotten, but can still cause anxiety or a phobia later in life. There are some people with a fear of clowns that do not know they have a problem until it manifests itself in their adult years.

The most popular theory is that people are Read more

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Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

One of the major disadvantages of today’s urban life is stress. However even rural folks and those who stay in villages also get affected by stress because of the varying agricultural conditions, scarcity of rain, unemployment, etc.

We are all very much aware that the demands of the city life go deep in our skin and try to shake our very roots of existence. Stress based symptoms have moved into more serious effects than just dark circles, dry skin, change of hair texture and color, etc. Heart attacks, heartburn, indigestion, etc are some of the fatal conditions caused by Read more

Jun 27th, 2015 | Filed under Mental Health

Solving Sleep Disorders – Snoring Problems

I wanted to talk to you about solving sleep disorders. Snoring happens to be about the biggest problem that people. It seems like this is a problem that more and more people are doing. It used to be mainly a male problem, but more and more women are snoring now too. This particular problem is a little funny because it doesn’t affect the person doing it, but only the people around them that are forced to listen to it in the middle of the night. The problem will keep the people around you stressed out and irritated, which isn’t in your favor. I’m going to talk to you about Read more

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Defining the Effects of Alzheimers Disease

A definition of the effects of alzheimers disease would probably be that it can start without any real identifiable symptoms, and continues to steadily get worse over time. The disease starts by affecting certain cells in our brain. Once alzheimers disease takes hold it gradually begins to damage the brain cells up to the point where they eventually die.

Symptoms will include the deterioration of memory, affects reasoning ability, and the ability to hold normal fluent conversations. Many scientists are in agreement with the theory that alzheimers disease starts to kick in because the Read more