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The Road to Astral Projection

 We are in a fast paced world now – where we eat in a hurry, sleep in a hurry, and wake up in a hurry and rush to work in a hurry. Amidst all this frenzy, little do we care about our physical well being and mental well being? Like they say the face is the index of the mind, we fail to understand that our aging and dull faces just mean that our mind is tired. Only when our own doctors and physicians tell us to get on to some relaxation techniques, do we realize that we have been ignoring the most important organ of our body – the mind.

Astral project is one such mind Read more

Quick and Easy – Part 6 – Asparagus Soup

When preparing fresh asparagus for using in a recipe, mot cookbooks and also many TV chefs tell you to snap off the bottom part of the stalk because it’s usually tough and contains hard fibers. Most of these people also discard the leftover pieces. As a great believer in the Benjamin Franklin’s quote that I think comes from his Poor Richard’s Almanac which is “Waste not, want not”, I am hard put to discard anything that can be used.

I realize the more flavorful part of the asparagus is towards the tip, but the bottom also still has lots of flavor. This Read more

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Bacterial Vaginosis Infection – When to Be Concerned!

About one in three women will have a bacterial vaginosis infection at some time in their life. That’s the estimate from some family planning authorities. Hence the question, is it serious? How you answer that depends on your viewpoint. If you are talking about life-threatening serious, that’s unlikely, although there is a risk with pregnant women. It is serious though considering the effect it can have on a woman’s enjoyment of life.

Let’s approach the subject using five main questions to find out the what, why, where, when and how of a bacterial vaginosis Read more

Restaurant Quality Seafood Stews in Your Home Kitchen

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, which meant that the Pacific Coast was just a two hour drive away; it was very near, but still too far to go very often.  When my family did go, it was always a big deal, and we would pack up the car with beach blankets and towels for laying out on, kites and Frisbees for playing with, and buckets and spades for sand castle construction.  We would spend a few hours on the beach, but the Oregon Coast is a chilly place even at the height of summer, and so my favorite part of any trip was heading to one of our favorite restaurants, and warming up with delicious Read more

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Insomnia Treatment – Is Your Doctor Always Right?

A lot of you can probably relate to this scenario. After working 10 hours of office routine work with stressful meetings and phone calls, you can finally manage to drive home in one piece. Your dog is barking and wiggling his tail to welcome you home and the baby is crying… A few hours later, you are lying awake no matter how hard you try. You mind just can’t stop thinking about your client’s call, or the presentation tomorrow. Day after day, this terrible routine develops what is often referred to insomnia. And you finally decide to seek a professional advice from your Read more

The Not-So-Secret Secret of the Secret – Hypnotherapy Vs the Pop – Philosophy Fad of the Decade

It’s a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. There’s a book. There’s a movie. And there’s a fundamentalist quasi-cult following preaching the word and irritating the locals in major cities worldwide-Toronto being no exception.

No, I’m not talking about Harry Potter. This is The Secret; a bastardization of Eastern philosophy, combined with what appears to be the Lazyman’s Bible, and sold to the masses for profit. For those of you who are unfamiliar with its principles, The Secret claims that we have the ability to Read more

Is Menopause Causing My Insomnia?

Is menopause causing your insomnia? Most likely, yes it is. It is messing around with the rest of your life, why not just make it a clean sweep and not let you sleep either. Menopause is hard enough to deal with for many women, and the sleep difficulties it drags along just make it harder.

Usually menopausal and perimenopausal women don’t have the difficulty getting to sleep, it is staying asleep that is the hard part. You may be waking up in the middle of the night just burning up, throwing the covers off, then not being able to get back to sleep. Maybe you are having vivid Read more

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Expanded Living

Live! To live an expanded life, one would first need to understand the concept of expansion. To stretch is one example of expansion. When we live with a concept of life, that we know all we need to know, we will miss much of what is yet to be exposed on this earth. Expanded living, is simply the process of considering things other than those of which we are familiar! To stop learning is to die.

We must not allow fear to stop us from learning. As new information has often, first been viewed as strange or even heretical, until later proven to be of relative value and brought in to the Read more

Facts on ADHD – Not Exactly Rocket Science!

Facts on ADHD are not likely to sound like rocket science given that no one knows the exact cause of this mental disorder. Diagnosis is based on questionnaires and rating scales rather than clinical means of diagnosis. It gets worse! The treatment offered by the drug companies is controversial and in many cases do not benefit the ADHD child in the long run. What facts on ADHD can one rely on to get a better idea about the implications for child development?

Facts on ADHD now reveal that there is a vicious circle involved in obesity, hyperactivity and media time. Kids do not play Read more

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5 Quick Steps to Getting in Shape After Having a Baby

Getting into shape can after a baby can be hard, but it can be done. I will tell you my top five secrets for keeping the baby weight off and how to bounce right back after pregnancies.

The first thing you to need to know is that the healthier you are throughout your pregnancy the better delivery you will have. Studies have shown that women that maintain a healthy workout routine throughout their nine month pregnancy were able to bounce back into shape very soon after a couple weeks of postpartum. Keeping in shape or getting in shape before you get pregnant will greatly increase your Read more