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Hope Begins With Jesus

For God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. John 3:17

The name Jesus means ‘ the Lord saves”. SAVED means; to be Liberated, Set free, Released, Pardoned, Equitted. What the law of Moses was powerless to do, Jesus Christ did by dying on the Cross.(Romans 8) Jesus came to earth to save us because we cannot save ourselves from sin and its consequences. No matter how good we are, we cannot eliminate the sinful nature present in all of us. Only Jesus can do that. He didn’t come to help people save Read more

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5 Key Facts About ADHD That Parents Need to Know

As a parent, you need to know the facts about ADHD. In this article, you’ll learn five important things about ADHD treatment options that will help you determine the best treatment for your child.

Facts on ADHD

Drugs do not heal ADHD. They only mask the symptoms. While it’s true that prescription drugs can quickly suppress symptoms like restlessness, outbursts, hyperactivity, inability to focus and more, it’s important for you to realize that this is temporary. Stop giving your child his medication and the symptoms will reappear.

All drugs have side Read more

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7 Premiere Wine Regions That Produce Earth’s Finest Wines

Do you know your wine regions? Many of us enjoy a glass of wine for dinner, as it can complement certain foods flavor. However, have you ever wondered about the regions from which the gapes for the wines grew? Such information is not only interesting, but will be helpful the next time you search for wines for your wall wine rack. Here are some of the best wine-producing regions in the world:

1. Andalucia

Yes, this is the same Andalucia from Tom Jones song A Boy from Nowhere.  In fact, no other region in the world has more land dedicated to vineyards. Andalucia is located in Read more

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Guaranteed Methods to Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis

Everyone who has suffered BV seeks a way to prevent bacterial vaginosis. Taking more time to learn what makes our bodies tick is the most important technique to living healthier lives.

The majority of our infections stem from how we live our lives. Our food choices, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, smoking, and the overuse of conventional fads like body sprays, scented tampons, and body wash, etc. These items build up in the body and affect our immune systems.

But there are guaranteed methods to prevent bacterial vaginosis. It’s nothing unheard of, no scientific Read more

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So What Kind of ADHD Medication Exactly Do We Need to Look For?

The persistence of side effects such as insomnia, headaches, stomachaches, loss of appetite and involuntary tics has led people with ADHD to seek a different kind of ADHD medication experience.

The side effects mentioned above are caused by the use of psychostimulant drugs. Psychostimulant drugs are what most doctors would generally prescribe people who are suffering from ADHD. But this is not an issue that should be shrugged off easily.

It is easy to surmise that long term use of these stimulant drugs can hinder the natural development of an individual. So, if your child is Read more

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Hearty Rotini Chowder

For those of us who aren’t big meat eaters, here is a great recipe for a Hearty Rotini Chowder. This Italian-style chowder is perfect for lunch or it can be made into a complete dinner by adding a salad and a crusty bread. If you want to stay entirely away from the meat aspect, use vegetable broth instead of the chicken broth and omit the crumbled bacon. Either way, this is a great meal.


6 oz. rotini, uncooked

2 tbsp olive oil

3/4 cup chopped onion

1 large carrot, peeled and thinly sliced

1/2 cup chopped celery

2 Read more

The King of Soup – A Tasty, Fat Burning Food

Vegetable soups are an easy, delicious, and filling way to help the body burn off stored fat. As vegetables and ingredients in meatless soups provide consumers with a rich array of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, fibers, and other essential compounds, these soups may be one of the most powerful and effective fat burning foods available for dieters seeking fast and effective weight loss results!

Because this healthy meal option is available in restaurants and can alternatively be easily made in one’s home, vegetable soups are a convenient, delicious, and consistent fat burning Read more

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Our Buy Recommendation is For Chicken Stock – It’s Boiling Hot

When the weather turns cold, our thoughts turn to comfort food. Soup is one of the most popular comfort foods all over the world. Every culture has their own version, and many of them use chicken stock.

Chicken stock is the cook’s best friend. Whether you use homemade or commercial stock, you cannot beat it for versatility in the kitchen. While stock and broth can be used interchangeably, technically stock is made from meat bones and broth is made from the meat only. Bony portions of the chicken make great stock. Use wingtips, backbones, and necks make great stock.

The Read more

Methods to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

The most effective guaranteed methods to treat bacterial vaginosis will take one weekend. It seems like a secret that everyone else knows but that’s not the case. For centuries individuals have lived a healthier lifestyle just by including some natural home remedies. They don’t hide it, they encourage it but it’s looked upon as the next favorite method, with a doctor’s antibiotic approach to be relied upon.

Antibiotics will not cure your bacterial vaginosis. The methods to successfully treat bacterial vaginosis all include natural holistic remedies that Read more

Apr 23rd, 2015 | Filed under Women's Health

Bartimaeus and the Parable of the Pencil – May it Bless You As it Blessed Me and Others Around Me

During what is called ‘Holy Week’ we have services each evening, and I was asked to conduct and speak at the Tuesday Evening Service this year and was given the theme ‘Bartimaeus’.

Bartimaeus was the blind beggar who called out to Jesus Christ as Jesus was passing through Jericho for the final time. Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem to shed His Blood and give His life, as our Passover Lamb. His blood was shed to wash away sin.

Bartimaeus called out and the crowd tried to silence him. It was a noisy procession but Jesus heard the cry for mercy coming Read more