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How to Lose Weight With PCOS

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS you probably have a lot of questions. How do I lose the weight I have gained? Why have I gained weight? How do I start living a normal life? Those are just a few of the questions you probably have.

If you are like me when I got diagnosed with PCOS, you are wondering how to lose the weight you gained because of the PCOS. Before I was diagnosed with PCOS, I tried and tried to lose weight. I could never get the scales to budge unless it was up. It didn’t matter what I did, I could not lose weight.

I finally went to the Dr. and was Read more

How to Cure Endometriosis

Women do have to face a lot during their life ranging from the large stress that they have to take up to the several health problems that they have to face. Endometriosis is an added pain to the entire process. The main reason for the cause of endometriosis is the growth of the endometrial tissue in areas like the uterus causing terrible pain especially in the time of menstruation. The symptoms range from pain in several parts like pelvis, legs, back, etc, to bowel spasm, constipation, painful sex, infertility, severe bleeding, painful urination, diarrhea, constipation etc. Surgery is what Read more

How to Cure Yeast Infections

Most women face the problem of yeast infections and people say that this kind of yeast infections occurs because there is no personal hygiene. According to my observation this is not only because of this one factor but also there are several conditions internal to the body which allows the growth of yeast thereby causing candida infections. How to go about treating this is a problem that is faced by a lot of people but there is a solution and this is by using natural cures that will help cure these yeast infections.

There are several medicines available in the market that will help Read more

Control Your Urge to Smoke Following These 7 Tips

Quitting smoking can be a lengthy process for some people.  This process could last several years or just a few weeks.  The length of time is variable from person to person.  The time-frame for quitting smoking can vary greatly, but what is important is developing a plan that will help you combat the urges to smoke.  These urges to smoke may be very strong at different points of time when you quit smoking.  Your ultimate success may depend on how effectively you handle these urges.  Keeping your willpower strong and continuing on the path to quitting smoking will strengthen when you Read more

Cysts on Ovaries – Relieve the Pain

A cyst is a fluid filled sac that can develop within the body. A place where women are most known for having cysts is on the ovaries. This can happen when an egg doesn’t release itself properly from the follicle or if it doesn’t drop at all. This problem usually can’t be avoided so once you have a cyst, you are questioning why you got it.

These cysts on your ovary can cause unruly amounts of pain. This is because there is so much pressure being applied to your body. This fluid filled sac is crushing your lower abdomen with pressure, which makes it very hard to focus Read more

Ovarian Cyst Pain – Tips on How to Feel Better Quickly

If you have an ovarian cyst, you have probably tried everything there possibly is to make yourself feel better. You probably have gone to the doctor’s and found absolutely no relief there. All they told you was that you had to wait out the pain since your body could naturally break down the cyst and reabsorb it back into your body. That was the worst news you could hear at this time. You are in so much pain it can bring you to tears and now your doctor can’t even help you.

You try to ignore the pain and discomfort to get on with your daily routine, but sometimes Read more

Cure Candida Overgrowth – Naturally Cure Candidiasis Overgrowths

Have you been unsuccessful in dealing with a chronic yeast infection and just want to know how to cure a Candida overgrowth once and for all? If so then today I will shed light on the steps you will need to take in order to achieve true relief from a chronic Candida overgrowth by naturally treating the causes of it in the first place.

First 3 Steps to Total Candida Recovery

#1. Anti-Candida Diet – The diet requires discipline to be successful. This means no sugar, starchy foods, alcohol, vinegar, dairy and wheat. There’s Read more

What Are the Best Ways to Quit Smoking? Who Knows!

This is such a good question, what are the best ways to quit smoking” But it is also a difficult question to answer and I should know, because I also struggle with this nasty habit. So let us just consider some of the options available and I will take this journey with you, my fellow smokers, and perhaps we shall all learn something that might prove useful.

Most smokers do have a sense of awareness about their health, I know I do! Do you? We realize that smoking is bad for our health and no matter how many healthy meals we eat, not matter how much we exercise, we know that we Read more

Work Out After Menopause and Feel Better Than Ever

When kids play the are having lots of fun. And the more they are moving their bodies the more fun they get. This shifts with age: Exercising becomes less and less associated with fun. Many women over 40 do not like to go to a gym or do any form of physical activity, what makes it tough for them to lose weight permanently.

But this doesn’t has to be that way. If you exercise regularly, your mood will improve. Generally, people doing exercise experience themselves as more productive and emotionally stable.

Recent research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Read more

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What’s So Hard About Quitting Smoking? How Do I Make it Easier?

Smoking has finally lost its (dubiously credited) charm, and now you want that stupid habit out of your life. On the other hand, you don’t want to have to stop talking to your smoking buddies, and you don’t want to have to go through the agony of withdrawal, so how can you quit smoking easily?

It doesn’t have to be as hard as most people make it out to be. Most people that quit smoking go about it all backwards and, as a result, end up dealing with horrible cravings and withdrawals for months on end, until they give in and smoke a cigarette, starting the whole Read more