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Brain Entrainment and the Brain Evolution System

The Brain Evolution System is a trademarked application of audio processes to assist and enhance meditation in reaching advanced states of consciousness. The process, called BrainEv for short, is, in a sense, an extension of the ancient art of applying sound to consciousness enhancement as found in diverse cultures across time. Chanting is common in any number of cultures; the salvia shaman of the Central American peoples, the many chant-structures used in Eastern meditation systems, throat singing among the Indians of Peru and the Inuit of the Arctic, Gregorian chants in the Catholic Read more

Negative Self-Talk Elevates Workplace Stress

When I am lecturing on the role of stress in people’s lives, I use an excellent animated PowerPoint slide that describes the cycle of negative self-talk. It would be helpful if you could see the slide but in its place I will try to describe it verbally. It goes like this.

We get hundreds of inputs and triggers a day in our workplace. Some are positive; some negative. Imagine a situation where a colleague comes to your door and immediately launches into an attack about things you have not done well, actions you have taken against their best interests, and other complaints and Read more

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

You’ve probably heard the old adage that says laughter is the best medicine. But is it really?

Laughter may not be the best medicine, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Probably the biggest upside to laughter is the fact that it helps relieve stress, which can help you cope better with life, and at the same time, help you avoid some nasty health issues.

Types of Health Issues That Can be Avoided by Reducing Stress

There are a whole host of health problems related to stress. By laughing more, we can reduce our stress levels and be healthier because of it. Read more

Where Has All the Laughter Gone?

In a lot of cases, people take life far too seriously. We’re rushed, stressed out and have little to no time to enjoy life. There always seems to be something that needs to be done now, and finding a few moments to laugh and enjoy ourselves isn’t in the cards.

Besides our hectic lives, many people are scared to tick someone else off. While there are certain subjects that shouldn’t be joked about, such as racism, child abuse and serious illness, there are a whole host of things we’re scared to joke about just in case someone might feel offended. Political Read more

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Guide For Parents to Better Understand the Nature of ADHD and Its Symptoms

“What is ADHD?” should be a very important concern for parents. The statistics of children diagnosed with ADHD is growing yearly. If you are a parent, you should concern yourself with understanding the nature of ADHD and its symptoms so that you are more capable of assessing your child’s behavior and in determining when professional help is needed.

So, what is ADHD? ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a behavioral disorder that is characterized by the symptoms of hyperactivity, irritability, chronic inattention and impulsiveness. Children with Read more

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Information About ADHD in Children – Elementary School Challenges

In gathering information about ADHD in children parents often realize that ADHD can create challenges both in school and at home. For elementary school aged children with ADHD structured learning environments can seem like a never-ending cause of bewilderment and frustration.  The numbers seem to bear this out with eight out of every 10 ADHD children underachieving academically.

Parents can play a positive role in their child’s education. Part of this role would include enlisting the help of your ADHD child’s teachers. Additionally, parents should become aware of Read more

Understanding ADHD Tests – Determining Whether Or Not Your Child Has ADHD

With the growing statistics on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, there has also been a growing interest on ADHD test available online. Most parents are interested in utilizing these tests to determine whether or not their child’s behavior is a manifestation of this behavioral disorder. It is important however that if you are a parent interested in utilizing ADHD test in the internet you should first understand its nature so that you can use it effectively in evaluating your child’s behavior.

ADHD test online are designed to measure how high or low is the Read more

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Red Wine – A Super Food

Whew! Red Wine has come a long way from the days of Knights and Grog. Today it’s power-packed palette has raised it to the level of Super Food.

What makes a Super Food, anyway? Traditionally the super foods like garlic, soy and salmon are chock full of healthy nutrients your body needs every day. Whether it’s Omega-3’s in salmon, or antioxidants and tannins in red wine, if the food isn’t full of them it’ll likely remain on the Not Quite A Super Food list along with hotdogs and cheddar cheese.

Red Wine is making the list because it truly is a Read more

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How to Grow Grapes and Make Amazing Wine

Are you curious how to grow grapes and make wine in your own backyard? The process may be complex, but the project itself is quite easy if you follow the directions. It takes time, patience and learned skill. You put those three things together and you will be amazing your friends and family with your first bottle of your own signature wine.

First off for the planting and tending of your grapes you will need some basic tools.



Pruning shears


Bird Read more

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6 Tips on How to Make Wine at Home – Why You Should Try It

If the current economic times have put a dent in your wine-buying power – don’t fret. If you’re settling for poorer quality wines or complaining about the taste of the cheaper wines you’re buying, why not take the more interesting route that millions around the world are taking these days – make your own wine at home.

Now I know what you’re all thinking. I don’t know the first thing about making wine. Don’t fret – it’s much easier (and fun, might I add) to learn than you think. Gone are the days when wine making was Read more

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