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The Art of Clowning – The Joy of Spiritual Clowning

Unknown to many, clowns can also be spiritual. Their purpose is not basically to entertain but also to bring the audience in a state of spiritual awareness. In some cases, it is though the manifestation of a clown’s art that the spectators are also exposed to the stage of deepening their religious faith and thus called Christian clowning. Other defines Christian clowning as a way to get people to loosen up, enjoy themselves, and have fun in a way that is wholesome and exciting. This can be said as different from the rest of clowning styles.

And because of its noble intent, Read more

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The Art of Clowning – Gag – A Great Yet Silent Comic

The usual practice of gag is the use of a typical hidden camera like that in Just for Laughs Gags, a Canadian silent comedy show. In gag, the set up is directed to someone who is playing silly pranks or unsuspecting suspects while hidden cameras try to get the response of the audience. Unlike in a clown show where the audience is aware of the presence of the clown and the tricks are usually being performed by the clown before them, in gag, tricks will not come directly. Most of the times, you’ll know of the tricks at the later part.

Gag usually has a musical background to set Read more

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Learning to Play Better Guitar – Substitution Principles – For the Advanced Guitarist

First and foremost, this article is not for the beginning guitarist. For those who are in the early stages of learning how to play the guitar, please refer to some of my earlier articles. This particular article is geared more in the direction of the advanced professional guitarist. It presumes a very strong background in music theory and a few solid years of guitar under the belt.

Substituting guitar chords and guitar scales can add a tremendous amount of interest to any melodic structure or harmonic structure. Guitar solos and chord progressions take on a whole new life when Read more

Is There a Fingerpicking Guitar?

What is a fingerpicking guitar? There has always been a division of acoustic guitars between “folk” and “classical” which mostly refers to whether the guitar is fitted with nylon or steel strings. A nylon string guitar is ideal for fingerpicking because it is easier on the finger nails. The steel string guitars are suited to flatpicking but some people do play fingerstyle on steel strings.

Some guitar makers have recently taken up the practice of calling certain guitars – like the Martin OM-2 – “fingerpicking guitars”. Is this label Read more

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Acoustic Guitar Slap Technique

Over the past few years quite a few guitar players have learned the “slap technique”. When you are playing the acoustic guitar the question sometimes comes up of what to do to make your guitar playing a little more interesting. This is where stuff like string muting, striking the body of the guitar with the right hand and other exotic techniques come to the rescue.

Now you can add the slap technique to you arsenal of guitar skills. The slap technique kind of creates the illusion that you have percussion player in your pocket. It brings a little drama to your guitar Read more

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Harmless April Fools Day Pranks – Great Pranks That You Can Do This Year

There are a lot of harmless April Fools day pranks that you can do to really trick someone. You’re probably not sure which one you want to do this year. So, what I’m going to do is share with you some harmless April Fools day pranks that you can do.

That way, you’ll be able to pull the best pranks and jokes this year.

The harmless pranks that you can do are:

1. The first one that you can do to get someone this year is to use the winning lotto ticket prank. This is probably one of the best pranks you can pull on someone. What you do is get a fake lotto Read more

Clowning – The Art of Face Painting

Painted face creates illusion, drama, ideas and design. It brings about artistic quality and imagination especially during performances. In the realm of clowning, painted face is a talent, a manifestation of creativity in order to bring forth fun and laughter. It is a sight to behold not only for children but for people of all ages.

Face painting in clowning is really an art. It requires skills and talents in order to attract the audience. So, now, we are helping you to look for ways to expand your clowning ability. If you master this, you’ll have no hard time becoming a great Read more

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Clowning – Clowning For Birthdays

Imagine a kid’s party or birthday party without a clown? How it appears? Isn’t it dull and boring? Honestly, if you are throwing a kid’s party or birthday for your child, one of the considerations is fun. The merrier, the better. So, how do you get into merriment? Simply, you need a clown for party and that would spell a difference. A clown for party will surely capture the attention and interest of your guests and most of all it will give joy and light moments to the celebrants.

If you’re not an expert or have no idea, becoming a clown is really tedious. It Read more

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The Joy in Clowning and Magic

It is always wonderful to become a child. Childhood memories are worth reminiscing and what could be more joyful than having in mind those clown memories of tricks and magic.

Now, are you familiar of those grotesque appearance, colored wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes and large footwear all set for a hilarious fashion? I’m sure, yes. They are clowns and they give life to this art of clowning which has been in existence for such a long time. Clowning existed for some varied reasons. Commonly, the practice of clowning is deeply rooted in the needs of the people in that Read more

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Not Your Ordinary Pet Rock

Jerry took his pet rock (Bridgestone) to a pet rock race in Oregon. Thousands of pet rocks were entered in this first annual event. Jerry and Bridgestone had been training for quite awhile and knew that it would be a rock solid win. The conditions were perfect and as thought Bridgestone eliminated each entry one by one, leaving them in his dust. On the last day Bridgestone prepared to meet his final opponent. I was a tense moment. Jerry was confident of a win. Bridgestone blasted out of the chute and down the track, but as they neared the finish line Bridgestone faltered and Cornerstone won Read more