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Finding Out What Dreams Mean – Discover the Secrets of Your Dreams!

Finding out what dreams mean is as simple as realizing what dreams are and why and when they occur. To begin with, dreams are a series of activities which go on in the brain during certain phases of sleep. Known as “REM (Rapid Eye Movement)sleep,” dreams can be as brief as 5 minutes or as long as 45 minutes in length. And they can be quite colorful and very memorable or dull and not remembered at all.

The ongoing study of dreams is known as oneirology, and dreams themselves aren’t fully or completely understood, to be honest. But they’ve been a topic of Read more

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Information About ADHD in Children – Helping Your ADHD Child Succeed in School

Helping ADHD children succeed in school is no easy task. Many of the most common symptoms found in ADHD are the most destructive in a structured educational environment. Some of these destructive symptoms would be a child’s inability to focus, failure to complete tasks, short attention span, and hyperactivity. If you have been gathering information about ADHD in children you probably realize that the four symptoms listed above are just a few of the challenging ADHD symptoms that parents, teachers, and children will be faced with. Walk with me through a few of the challenges elementary Read more

Information About ADHD in Children – Three Steps to Elementary School Success

Eighty percent of ADHD children underperform academically with 20% of ADHD children being affected by some type of learning disability. These are eye opening statistic for most parents. For other parents who have been gathering information about ADHD they already realize the challenges at hand. As a parent you can have a positive impact on your ADHD child’s education. Many parents have found that by enlisting the help of their child’s teachers they are able to achieve better results. So, let’s walk through some common ADHD challenges and explore helpful options for Read more

Facts on ADHD Meds – Prescription Medication’s Effect on Brain Chemicals

Prescription medications generally prescribed for ADHD have an effect on either neurons or norepinephrine containing neurons (nerve cells). These prescription medications for ADHD generally work by increasing the volume of these neurotransmitters in the synapses (areas between receiving and transmitting neurons). The increase makes it possible for the brain to recalibrate the activities of these two systems, and, consequently, the activities of other transmitter systems. Dopamine is responsible for the strength of signals coming into the brain and for the filtering capacity of the areas Read more

The Origins of Stone Soup

There exists as many legends about stone soup as there does recipes for stone soup. So, in the interest of time, I will share with you my favorite story of stone soup, and how it relates to making quick easy cheap meals.

The story begins with some travelers who arrive in town hungry and destitute. They are unable to convince passers-by in the village to share their food. So, the travelers cook up an idea. They obtain a large pot, fill it with water and put it over a fire to boil. They choose out a smooth stone and place it inside. As the villagers pass by, they inquire as to what Read more

Recession Recipe For Vegan Stew – Eat Healthy While Spending Less

With the US-led global economic meltdown causing more stress and anxiety each day, almost every household is striving hard to save every dollar possible. As the food prices are soaring high, a few changes in food habits are also essential to keep the expenditure within the budget. But, the main question that arises here is, “Is it possible to eat good and healthy while spending less?” The answer is a definite “yes”.

Well, many websites and magazines that deal with cooking and food are offering several money-saving ideas to people now-a-days. We are often Read more

Microbrewery For Sale – Buying One For Your New Microbrew Business

Who is not hooked on southern microbrew beer? A lot of beer and lager lovers simply adore having the taste of the southern microbrew beers popular in all parts of the US. What is great about the southern beers are their uniquely rich and exotic taste that you are sure to want to drink them over and over again.

For some of us, they would like to take a step further by not just consuming these great brews, but learn more about the brew making process, create a microbrewery business plan and try to profit from it. However, if time is a problem to be able to build his very own brewing Read more

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Beer Brewing Process – Making a Great Beer

The beer brewing process or the creation of beer via the process of fermentation has a long and great history. In fact you can trace the beginning of the process in the olden Egyptian days, with the beer recipe descriptions to be found in the ancient documents of Sumeria.

The complicated beer brewing process or beer lagering has a number of steps which are important in making a great quality beer.

The first stage of the beer brewing process is the malting. Here the malt is crushed and soaked in water. Eventually a malt extract is created. The mash is then maintained at Read more

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Microbrews Home Brewing Process – Brew Up Your Own Beer

The general microbrews home brewing process, if you simply follow it strictly, will certainly create for yourself a great beer of your own. The common home brewed concoction can be created by boiling the mixture of malt extract, water and hops on a big pot. The resulting wort should be allowed to cool as yeast is an important addition to the mixture in order to start the fermenting process.

Afterward, you have to boil the wort for more than 15 minutes. You might need to increase the boiling time to a maximum of one hour if needed. Boiling the wort is an important microbrews home Read more

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Smoking and Heart Diseases

Cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of Coronary Heart Disease. It is the inhalation and exhalation of fumes of burning tobacco chemicals through the lungs to our blood stream. As our body absorbs these chemicals, it circulates throughout our body, affecting every cell and tissue. About half a million people in the United States die each year from illness caused by cigarette smoking. Smoking might be addictive, but is it worth it after all?

This chemical known as Nicotine causes the blood cell called platelets to become stickier, thereby increasing the Read more