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Things to Notice While Playing a Guitar

If you really want to succeed in learning guitar, you need to follow certain rules. Perhaps every guitarists has his own rules, but only a few can really take the benefit of the time utilized. The key to learn any instrument is more and more practice. Only practicing can give you good results nothing else. Here are the few ways by which you can get the best out of what you put in.

You need to think by yourself that how you are going to stick to it,and how are you going to learn it. If you are having some book on guitar learning lessons then do follow it exactly as it is. If you are Read more

History of Hagstrom Guitars

 Hagstrom is possibly the only renowned guitar company to come out of Sweden. The manufacturer was started by Albin Hagstrom in the 1920s, importing German accordions, as electric guitars were not yet available. In 1932 they started making their own accordions. In 1958 the company made its first electrics. All of these were covered in sparkling celluloid, which was previously used in accordions.

Most of the original models were fairly traditional in shape, using either an equal double-cutaway style or a rounded-off Les Paul shape. Most came with four single-coils in a position that Read more

How to Make a Guitar Solo

Let say you play in a band, you have a tune ready, with intro, verses , refrains and maybe some kind of bridge part, maybe that bridge is a refrain sequence moving over back to verse part or opposite. Only thing missing is to create a guitar solo. I have a couple of approaches for this for which I try to follow, and I would at the same time introduce some terms of my own, like for instance passive and active approach solos. You will try to make your solos approach the accompaniment actively. Accompaniment meaning the tune’s overall content, chord progressions, song melody and the Read more

History of BC Rich Guitars

 BC Rich are a company specialising in angular and extreme guitar shapes best suited for heavy metal music. The company was started in around 1966 making acoustics and flamenco guitars. The founder, Bernardo Chavez Rico, made BC Rich’s first electric in 1969, but not with the extreme styling of later efforts, as there was no market for shapes like BC Rich would eventually make yet. In 1971 Rico’s first original design was launched, the Seagull. This guitar gave a subtle indication as to Rico’s future direction, with some small points on the single-cutaway body, and was quite Read more

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Batman the Animated Series – Review

Batman the Animated Series came out in 1993 and back then I was a young lad in grade three. When I would get home from school my older brother and I would watch this show. Of course being young I only enjoyed the show because of its action and how Batman would bring the wrong-doers to justice. Some episodes had me slightly frightened as well due to the suspense levels. Now many years later as an adult I enjoy the series a hundred times more but from a different viewpoint. When I watched the series for the first time after so many years I couldn’t help but get the feeling of nostalgia Read more

Elasticsearch Will Probably Be Your Application of Choice for Getting Around in Your Personal Age of Information

Whomever titled modern times the actual “Age of Information” was not joshing. Computing devices, the roll-out of tremendous memory and storage capacity, and the cloud have certainly made it possible to collect as well as keep much more info than a person’s mind is able to conceptualize. Yes, organizations will be able to claim genuine authority, it truly is right here. Definitely somewhere. The moment huge volumes of info happen to be gathered, the battle moves to the most effective approach to mine it. For in reality, when you can not find just what you desire, or even Read more

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The Top Movie Directors of All Time

Here are the Directors that everyone can admire and be astonished at their life’s work. This list pays homage to them, the top ten best movie directors of all time.

10. Christopher Nolan: He may be a fairly new director, but for revamping the Batman series we salute you. He improved upon an already decent series (before they put Robin in and ruined them). He has an eye for film and gets the most out of his actors. He is a great storyteller and will have many more good films to put out in the not so distant future.

9. David Fincher: Fight Club, Benjamin Button, Se7en are Read more

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The Art of Film Editing

Film editing is the art of storytelling and is unique to cinema. An editor is responsible for the cohesiveness of the story, the mood each sequence creates, the pacing of the story, and is one of the most important people in the final movie-making process. The editor oversees the final product to make sure the viewer is seeing the director’s vision.

In the early days of movie making, an editor using analog film would manually edit it, physically cut each frame and hot splice them together to make a whole. Edwin S. Porter, a pro filmmaker at the beginning of the early 1900s, is Read more

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Recap of Friday Night Lights – Season 3 Episode 7

J.D. McCoy doesn’t have a charmed life and the last episode of Friday Night Lights make that evident as he fights to fit in with his fellow Panthers. J.D’s father is averse to football and makes socializing an impossible thing. J.D. learns to have roaring good times from Tim in Dillon while Matt and Julie spend an entire night on the beach. Landry meets an elfish guitarist (Devon) while Tyra is expected to give Cash some advice on killing and hiding bodies. But the coming episode shall show Landry learning something surprising about Devon and Jason making major decisions about Read more

It’s Another Real Chance of Love

Last season real Chance of Love was a hit reality series, where the the brothers search for love was put to the test. There were many cat fights, along with drama which escalated to the height of being a memorable ploy of the contestants.

Chance and Real are former contestants of the hit Vh1 reality show, I Love New York. Chance is known for his bad boy out of control attitude, while Real is the mild mannered, no-nonsense type.

Chance decided that his search for love would not stop with his two finalist Cali and Risky, so he sent them both home and said he loved them both. Read more

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