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Family Vacation – Working Out the Dollars and Cents

A good way to start planning for your family vacation is to work out the dollars and cents. Always budget generously as you may end up spending more than what you initially expect. When you go on a luxurious vacation, be prepared to shell out premium price. But you can still save if you plan well for your trip.

First, be clear about why you are traveling. Are you going there for business? Or you are traveling for leisure? Remember, different strokes for different people. Spare a thought for your travel companions, and think about what they want. Tension can be avoided if you talk Read more

How to Tell Tomorrows Weather in the Open Range

If you crawl out of your tent early in a summer morning and find out breakfast will be nice and easy, because there is no dew on the grass, should not get ready for a longer walk out in the open range. If you want to go anyway, you should at least take a waterproof jacket.

There are a few signs for bad or good upcoming weather. All you need to know is how to read them, if there is no reliable weather forecast available.

Animals usually know ahead of time how the weather is going to be. You all know about the swallows flying high, if the weather is nice. That’s because Read more

Family Vacations – Make it an Adventure!

You have two glorious weeks for vacation. This is your chance to really spend some quality time with your family. As you reminisce about the last vacation, you realize you want to avoid the same mistakes: too little time and too much to do, leaving you in dire need of an immediate second vacation to recoup from the first – preferably traveling no further than your own home!

You realize that you didn’t get to spend quality one-on-one time with your children like you were hoping for on your last vacation. Vacations are supposed to be about re-bonding with your family, Read more

Holiday Travel – Making Plans Can Help Save You Money

When you make good plans for your holiday trip, you will end up saving more. Spending less does not mean you have to compromise on the quality of your trip. You can still enjoy a high quality vacation while you save. When you go on a luxurious vacation, be prepared to shell out premium price. Here is how you can go about planning for your trip.

First, be clear about why you are traveling. Are you going there for business? Or do you want to go sight seeing? Remember, different strokes for different people. Spare a thought for your travel companions, and think about what they want. Read more

Pamper Your Five Senses At Tamil Nadu Beaches

When we talk about the attractions of South India, it is quite difficult to describe all the attractions in an article, as there are many. Tamil Nadu is one of the most captivating destinations of this region. In this wondrous land, wherever you go you will find something interesting or attractive. Take a peek into the state’s royal past, get acquainted with its culture, participate in the festivals, rejuvenate yourself at beaches, feast on the traditional cuisine and let yourself loose to the sheer natural beauty.

The major draw of Tamil Nadu is its white-sandy Read more

Must-See Tourist Attractions Of Ladakh

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Ladakh is a land with extraordinary charm. Surrounded by two of the world’s most fascinating mountain ranges, the great Himalayas and the Karakoram, this destination of India is endowed with captivating geographical features.

Some of the best places in Ladakh are:


Leh, the crown of Ladakh is a famous city known for its mind blowing attractions. The snow-capped mountains, the charming river and the beautiful Read more

Adventure Tours in Peru – 9 Travel Tips For Baby Boomers

Imaginative travelers among us Baby Boomers are flocking to enjoy Peru. Adventure tours in Peru are taken in some style these days – no more of that backpacking nonsense for us!

Peru has it all. Desert, mountains, lakes, jungle and of course The Galapagos Islands. But before you imaginative travelers get too excited to book your adventure tour in Peru, here are some tips to help you enjoy Peru even more.

Learn just a few words of Spanish before you travel, it goes a long way with the locals.


Read more

Journey Through Vietnam From Past to the Present – How Adventure Tours in Vietnam Make it So

More and more tourists are enjoying the delights of Vietnam. From modern Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north, Vietnam is basking in “boom time”.

A typical visit to Vietnam may take in one or other of these cities with an occasional excursion to a nearby temple or a river boat ride. However for the more adventurous traveler there are alternatives.

From Hanoi to Halong Bay

Halong Bay, in the South China Sea, is made up of 1969 craggy islands and islets rising from the languid blue water (an area a little smaller than Lake Read more

Adventure Travel – 4 Ways to Save Money

Many tour operators reward you for booking in advance, but it especially applies to the adventure travel business. An Early Bird Reward is a win-win situation for both of you – the adventure tour operators are able to reach the number of participants they need to give the green light for the tour to take place and you get a discount.

Actually you get one more really big advantage; by booking early you benefit from the widest selection of itineraries and departure dates.


Often you will find that by returning to book your next adventure tour Read more

Tent Camping – A Lost Leisure?

Many tent campers today are being outraged by the over-popularity of RV use along with prices of Tents and gear.  Getting “back to nature” was considered by many to simply be a tent, a fire, and good campfire cooking, while connecting with nature on an up close and personal level. It was an inexpensive way to relax, rest and enjoy the amenities of this wonderful planet we live on.

Years ago, I personally could just grab my gear, head to one of the many “camping areas” within a 100 mile radius of my home and within minutes of arriving I was set up, tent in Read more