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Change Your Diet to Change Your Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is a soft way substance found in all parts of the human body. Some of the cholesterol is produced by the body and some of it comes from the food you eat. The body does need some cholesterol to function properly. Too much cholesterol can cause arteries to clog and can lead to heart disease. Maintaining a diet that is designed to reduce cholesterol levels can reduce risks of heart disease and lower cholesterol. Increasing physical activity and losing weight will help lower your cholesterol too.

Cholesterol can be found in eggs, dairy products, meat, and poultry. Egg yolks Read more

For a Small Child, the Emergency Room is a Scary Place

Nobody likes to go to the emergency room, because it usually means that either you or a loved one is hurt or sick badly enough to be considered serious. Many times things work out just fine. Maybe an allergic reaction needed a special medicine, a broken bone needed to be set, or a wound needed to be stitched up. Injuries that can seem big to us are commonplace in an emergency room. An adult understands what an emergency room is for and knows what to expect when you get there. But what about a child? Sure, their fears might be calmed by a nurse with animal print scrubs, but do they Read more

A Healthy Heart Leads to a Long Life

Life has its ups and downs and stresses and stressors. The human heart is an amazing tool which pumps blood throughout our bodies thus keeping us alive. The heart needs to be healthy in order to continue to pump the necessary blood through our bodies. A healthy heart can be achieved and maintained through a number of steps of diet and exercise. Of course a healthy lifestyle and a physician at Kankakee healthcare can also contribute to the health of your heart.

First of all, food is very important in maintenance of a healthy heart. The saying “you are what you eat” Read more

After All These Years, Medicine is Still a Great Industry

With unemployment rising and jobs very scarce, it may seem like the job market is bleak. For many, that is certainly the case. Those with jobs that are deemed luxuries or those that are easily replaced are most at risk. Having an in-demand skill or a job deemed absolutely necessary is a great place to be in. For those in the medical profession, that is usually the case. And for new grads who might get a pair of college scrubs upon graduation, the professional landscape can be a much less scary place than those with a general studies degree. The simple fact of the matter is people will Read more

Medication For ADHD – What Are Its Side Effects?

Clonidine for ADHD is a drug that is antihypertensive. It is used in treating a number of health conditions, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Clonidine have been proven to be effective in treating ADHD. However, like all other prescription drugs, it has a lot of potential side effects.

Some of the Clonidine side effect on ADHD patients are: pounding heartbeats, shortness of breath, very slow heart rate, rapid weight gain, swelling of face, throat, tongue, and lips, feeling like fainting, hallucinations, confusion, fever, pale skin, less urination or not urinating Read more

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A Closer Look at High Cholesterol Treatments

If you have found that you have high cholesterol, it is something that you have to be very careful about because this can lead to several other problems that can ultimately lead to heart problems. Deposition of cholesterol in your arteries is something that you need to be bothered about because this can lead to blocks thereby preventing the free circulation of blood throughout your body. Your doctors might have even advised you the usage of medicines continuously. There is no end to the usage of such medicines too. The best way to cope with high cholesterol is to use natural Read more

The Most Popular Guitars

There are literally dozens of guitar brands on the market, some good, some bad and some unbelievably excellent. If you want the best sound and quality, then it really does pay to choose a good brand name. You`ll pay more initially, but it`s worth it since you`ll just have to replace a cheap guitar pretty quickly.

Going with an established name will pretty much ensure you`re getting great quality. If you`re serious about playing, then you should definitely take a look at one of the following guitars.


This company is probably the best known when it comes to top of Read more

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Christian Gospel Song Writer and Singer Ann Nesby – Career Profile

Multi-talented actress, songwriter and singer of gospel, R&B and dance music Ann Nesby’s vocal repertoire epitomises the richness, essence, power and intensity we have come to associate with an illustrious line of great twentieth century gospel music divas, including towering icons like Dorothy Norwood, Shirley Caesar, Aretha Franklin and Bessie Griffin among others. In Nesby’s case however, her influence has gone well beyond the confines of traditional gospel music, attracting secular audiences far and wide.

Like Andrae Crouch whose music similarly drew large secular Read more

Your Speaking Voice – Tips to Maximize and Protect It

When I was on MTM Records touring as recording artist, I used to dread interviews before shows. I noticed it negatively affected my singing voice to do a lot of talking before I sang, so whenever possible, I scheduled them for after my performance. Now, after discovering and applying proper vocal techniques to my speaking voice, I can talk all day and my voice never gets tired. So can you!

Vocal sound quality and volume – whether speaking or singing- should come from resonation, not excessive air pressure. The initial vibration, or buzz, is created in the vocal cords when air Read more

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Film Review – The Ron Clark Story Starring Matthew Perry From Friends

Want to watch a film based on a true story and see one of your favorite actors in a different role? This is a heart warming story of a teacher turning around no hopers and making something of their life.

There were no good films at the cinema this week and it was a cheap Wednesday today where weekly DVD’S are only one dollar for a week at my local video store so I went and hired eight DVD’S. This one was one of the best.

The Ron Clark Character (played by Matthew Perry) is doing well in his local town as a teacher with high performing classes every year he teaches. Read more

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