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Use Golf Swing Drills to Improve Your Game

Golf swing drills are most commonly used by people who are new to the sport, and they are done before the actual game is even played. The purpose of golf swing drills is to help you understand the basic movements associated with golf before you start playing. Golf swing drills help to train your body on how to use specific movements when you are swinging, and before you actually hit a ball. This type of practice is incredibly valuable and will help give you better scores when you do start playing the game.

Even if you are already a golf veteran, but want to improve your scores, Read more

Golf Balls Provide a Multitude of Choices

Golf Balls were once wooden, and the game of golf was a short range game played on links. The development of ‘featheries’, a 17th century ball of goose feathers stuffed in a leather pouch allowed for our modern concept of the ‘long-game’ to develop – featheries flew further when struck.  In the mid eighteen hundreds the guttie ball replaced the featherie. Made from the rubber like sap of the Sapodilla tree, a guttie not only flew farther, but its flight was truer. The guttie balls also had small surface imperfections that improved the aerodynamics and led to Read more

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A Different Approach To Improving Your Golf Score

I love the game of golf. I love the thrill of sinking that imposable 30 foot putt, hitting a drive straight down the fairway, chipping up onto the green and landing near the hole or watching the ball leave the bunker and come to rest near the hole. I love being able to drive over the water hazard to land on the green, making my longest drive ever and hitting between the trees on my shot out of the rough and landing on the green. I especially love making par or below par on a difficult hole.

Regardless of your level of play, golf is a game where you can also expect that there will be Read more

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How to Fix a Golf Slice – The Seven Reasons Why You Slice

How to fix a golf slice is one of the hardest things to accomplish in this game. I struggled with slicing the ball for years and I know you are struggling with it right now. The key to solving the slice is understanding the reason or reasons you slice. I want to help you once and for all eliminate your slice so lets take a look at the seven swing issues that causes you to slice.

1. The first reason why you, me and everyone seems to slice at one time or another is the wayword left hand. The left hand must be in the right position at impact to avoid slicing the ball.

2. Too weak Read more

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Collecting Golf Books

Be careful. Collecting golf books can become quite addictive once you take the plunge and get started.

Seriously though, collecting golf books is a great way to read about golfers past and present. How they played the game, the shots they played, their memories of notable rounds of golf, etc. There is some wonderful golf literature out there. Most important of all, to those aspiring to improve their golf game, there is invaluable information on how these great players, like Harry Vardon, Jack White, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, the list goes on, played their golf shots from Read more

Practice Makes Perfect – Have Fun Practicing Golf

Practice is absolutely crucial for the golf beginner as it is for the golfer who has been playing golf for some time. Golf is such a technical and precise game that you will never improve unless you play and practice regularly.

You only have to look at the pro tour golfers. Take Tiger Wood for example. He has been out of the game for about 9 months and although he wasn’t practicing golf for some of that time to avoid aggravating his injury, it is quite obvious that he had been working on his golf fitness.

He did exceptionally well to win the Arnold Palmer invitational Read more

Maintaining Your Spine Angle – Why it is So Important and How You Can Control It

Maintaining your spine angle from takeaway, to backswing, into your downswing, through impact and as far as physically possible into your follow through is a key fundamental for improving golf swing consistency and solid hits. It is, without a doubt, one of the non-arguable aspects of a consistent and good golf swing. In one of my previously written Ezine articles, I summarized comments about spine angle from the golf experts who authored the top 12 all time best selling golf instruction books.

Today, it seems that more and more attention is finally being given to this important Read more

Need Help With Your Golf Swing?

Golf is one of the few sports where your main opponent is – yourself. Many a good golfer has tried to correct a few small faults only to ruin what they did well! So before you take apart a perfectly good swing to cure a perceived problem with distance or drift, check that your problem is not caused by such simple things as alignment, grip or stance.

When taking a shot, start with alignment. View the main target and any intermediate targets such as a clump of rough grass. Align the clubface behind the ball; the center of the clubface should line up directly between the two Read more

How Can You Improve Your Golf Game? Here Are 3 Tips to Help You Shoot 10 Strokes Lower Fast!

Many people often as the question “how can you improve your golf game?” Their are many ways that you can improve your golf game dramatically in just days if you just know how to practice and what you need to improve on. I am going to show you 3 common problems that if you can improve them quickly you can take multiple strokes off of your game in a hurry!

Whether you are looking to break 100, 90, 80, or wanting to break par these three tips will help you hit more solid golf shots and improve your golf game!

1. First and foremost you must have a great mental approach Read more

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Vacations in the Emerald Coast of Italy

When in Rome, do as the Romans do… take a break to Olbia, a coastal town located in the region of Sardinia, situated in the North-east of the country facing the Gulf of Olbia, acclaimed as the Italian Emerald Coast for its turquoise waters resembling those that you can find in the Caribbean Sea.

However, whether you arrive from the Italian city of Rome or from anywhere else around the world, the international Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda connects directly this Olbia with the major European and Asian cities, besides the excellent local flights timetable connecting the city Read more