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How to Improve Golf Swing – Six Things to Do to Improve Your Swing (It Worked For Me)

How to improve a golf swing is something I must have asked myself a million times and even bought new clubs thinking that would do the trick. I could never seem to get any better at this game, I was constantly loosing round to my friends and co-workers, slicing the ball, my distance sucked. I was just all around fed up with golf to the point of quitting all together.

All of it was my fault, I was stubborn and thought I could improve my golf swing on my own and it was only when I came to the realization that I sucked and was never going to get better unless I got help did my golf game Read more

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3 Tips For Maximum Golf Driver Distance

Every golfer wants to maximize their golf driving distance, it’s a fantastic thrill to see your ball shooting down the fairway. Possibly a greater thrill is out driving your companions, it’s a human condition to be the best.

The golf drive is one of the most talked about aspects of the game and for the manufacturers of golf clubs, a highly profitable one. It seems as though a new driver promising extra yards, straighter drives and more power is released every week.

The problem for golfers of every age and ability is which club to choose. I say “not one of Read more

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Hitting a Golf Ball Longer and Straighter

Hitting a golf ball with your club is relatively simple is it not? Ball, club, bring them together and bang you have hit a golf ball.

The secret is to hit the ball to where you want it to go and this is where all the problems start because often times you and the ball have different ideas about where it should end up. Why is it golf balls love to hide in the rough? Are they shy?

Hitting a golf ball straighter and longer is the aim of every golfer and the reason why the manufacturers millions of dollars worth of golf clubs every year. Each new club that we buy comes with a Read more

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How We Choose a CPAP Mask

Every time I get a new patient I think “What mask I am going to use?” I think about what we have available now, what we used to have available, and who is going to perform the study.

Everyone has a favorite mask. Everyone who has been in the field for a long period of time has seen their favorite mask change over time.

When I was first doing home care for Bane Respiratory many years ago, I had specific masks for specific types of patients. I always started with the nasal mask except if the patient was claustrophobic or had fragile skin.

Then we would get Read more

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Sleep and Change of Life

Its 2 am and you are still awake or you have woken up for the third time or even worse you have woken up because it feels like someone cranked the furnace all the way up. Your sleep will change as you are going through menopause, which is a fact. But you need to be aware of what is normal and what is not. You also need to make sure that you get treated for these problems.

In one study almost 60% of people 50 who had sleep problems were never asked by their doctor about their sleep and were not offered help. Some doctors feel that is because sleep problems are inevitable when we age Read more

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Causes of Snoring and Its Effects

Finding ways to stop snoring may seem an impossibility, but actually it is easier than you might think. Snoring is thought to affect four out of ten men and up to three out of ten women. And, of course, millions of partners and neighbours suffer sleep-disturbed nights as a result. It is caused by parts of the nose and throat, particularly the soft palate, vibrating as you breathe when you are asleep. The relaxing when you are asleep of muscles that keep your airways open causes them to become floppy and hence the airways narrow and vibrate causing snoring.

Snoring can be made worse Read more

How to Dream More – Yente’s Lament

So, you want to learn how to dream more, huh? What would make you want to do that? You think you can just go to sleep and dream away your youth, is that it? Sounds to me like a personal problem, one rife with tales of mis-spent youth and an unhealthy dependence on fantasy. You can’t dream yourself into house or a 401K, my little one. These things take work, not sleep!

You know, back in my day, we slept only five hours a night and were glad to get that! You children and your crazy talk about REM sleep and needing eight hours of sleep per day. Pah! In our day, half the population Read more

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Find a Way to Stop Snoring Tonight!

Snoring is a universal problem and most households have at least one offender, or should we say “snorer?”  It’s okay, no one intends to go to sleep and keep up the household, including the pets of the home.  It just happens.  Why?  Let me explain.

Some snorers result to minor surgeries, since some people have nasal passages that can be altered to stop the snoring. In other cases, a simple new idea of having a body pillow to cushion your movement and keep you in a stationery position is all that is needed.

It is important to note that as one ages, the Read more

Beer Brewing Equipment As a Personalized Father’s Day Gift

Father’s day gifts are often so standard, which is strange in a time that everything gets personalized. People like to personalize everything these days from their MySpace and Facebook account to their sense of fashion and thank you cards. And it’s not just that people like personalized gifts, they find it important that a gift is thoughtful, that the gift fits the receiver’s personality. So, do you already have a good idea for a father’s day gifts? In this article we present you with a great personal and thoughtful type of father’s day gift. A gift he will Read more

Las Vegas Personalized Framed Mirror

Looking for a mirror or that perfect gift for a Las Vegas fanatic or just a treasured memory from your recent vacation, then look no further as this contains the perfect answer for you.

Before we discuss this specific mirror let’s look at what people use mirrors for and why. Here are a few of them:

View Your Reflection – this is the purely practical nature of a mirror, as originally designed, to reflect back your personal image. The provide the opportunity to check your appearance and consider any necessary changes to hair, cosmetics, facial grooming or Read more

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