WoW Quest Helper – How to Choose a Questing Add-On

If you are thinking about getting a WoW Quest Helper because you think it will help you level faster in World Of Warcraft you would be right but there are a couple things to consider before you select the right one for you.

I have been playing WoW now for a couple years and I have multiple level 80 tons. I have leveled using a quest helper program for WoW. Like most, I started off with the free version but found out quickly there were several issues.

1. Every time there was a patch or expansion I was sitting around waiting for them to make it work for me again. The support with the free helper is not great and to be expected but I want my programs to work when I am ready to play.

2. The memory usage on the free program was gigantic leaving very little resources for a game that uses a bunch of memory in the first place. This causes lag city.

3. Where do I get quests for a certain level range and how do I complete them in an effecient manner to level rapidly? The free program does not do a very good job with this not to mention it gives you little to no more information than Blizzard already provides in the game.

I very quickly moved on to better quest helper programs for World Of Warcraft because I wanted to maximize my limited playing time. There are several that work very well and you would be surprised at how fast you can actually level.

A couple things to look for when selecting a WoW Quest Helper program:

1. Make sure whatever sites you choose to get information provide some video reviews. This allows you to not only see the program in action but it also tells you the person reviewing them actually has used them.

2. They should have a Horde & Alliance version. You may only play one side or the other right now but you never know when you might want to make a toon on the other side. Why worry about having to find another program just because you want to make another toon.

3. Make sure they have good support. The top quest helper programs not only update very rapidly to keep ahead of patches and expansions. Most of them have member forums to allow you to post issues and get them resolved quickly.

4. A directional arrow and solid quest grouping are a must with any WoW quest helper program. This is the point of using them to level rapidly.

These simple tips will help make sure you find a quality WoW Quest Helper that will not only help you level much faster but will help you enjoy the game much more.

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