WoW – 4 Tips the Experts Don’t Want You to Know That Will Get You to Level 80 Fast

Whether or not you choose Alliance over the Horde, in World of Warcraft one of the most important goals of the game is to reach level 80 as soon as possible. Here are four tips you can use to boost your level quickly.

Tip 1 – Down Time Is Your Enemy

If you are sitting around waiting for manna or health or just running to and from graves then you are suffering from down time. You need to minimise down time by killing anything you can that is weaker than you are. You can rack up numerous small gains much more quickly than waiting around for the big ones.

Tip 2 – Accept Your Quests

You can either kill and grind to increase your level or you can choose to accept quests. Some of the quests require you to kill and grind anyway so accept the quest and reap the extra rewards of exp, cash or valued items. Keep an eye out for the characters with yellow exclamations marks above their heads to find the quests.

Tip 3 – Multi-task

As you advance through the levels quests become more difficult to complete. you can save yourself lots of time, and advance more quickly, by accepting more than one quest at a time. A little time spent accepting all of the quests in the vicinity will pay off in the long run.

Tip 4 Multi-zone

You will level much quicker if you complete quests that are two or three levels beneath you than those that are above you. You will receive smaller amounts of exp per kill but they mount up much more quickly. Just think, if you can plough through your quests those smaller kills will really start to add up.

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