World of Warcraft Tips and Strategies – Standing Out From the Crowd

In the global phenomenon World of Warcraft, Outland is one of most beautiful and diverse places in the game. Well, the word “game” doesn’t sit well with WoW die hards; it’s more like a wholly separate universe where true magic happens … and Outland is the nucleus. Apart from being a gathering place for more skilled players, it’s also one of the best places to earn money. And though it’s far from the only place available to offer earning opportunity, a player can still get his or her hands on some serious gold.

However, no amount of World of Warcraft tips and strategies can change the inevitable: Most of the players are thinking the exact same thing you are. So the goal here, like the goal anywhere, is to stand out a bit above the crowd.

The first thing you’ll have to do in Outland in order to make some gold is to stop retreating from other characters in the game. Sure, it’s common to hightail it outta there, but show some courage and stick around! It’s in your best interest to do so.

Next, remember that it’s all about having the wherewithal and the sheer intestinal fortitude to succeed. To that end, you will need to drive your skill level up to at least 375 – only then will you discover professions with clever and multifaceted specializations.

Also, your mining level is only going to increase one point per qualifying rock node you mine. So it doesn’t matter about the quantity; it’s strictly the quality. Think of it as a bass fishing tournament: Only the keepers qualify.

Want to make some serious gold? Well, hold on to the transmute when you get it. This item has no cool-down at all, so when the demand beckons your supply, you can laugh your way to the bank.

Flying mounts are a great way to increase the money you make. This is one of the least noted elements in most World of Warcraft tips and strategies, yet it’s one of the more important in actuality. You can receive both access and safety during a gathering mission from a flying mount.

After the expansion, engineers play a more predominant role. Things like health injectors are always great sellers, and extractors are infinitely useful.

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