World of Warcraft Strategy Tips – 5 Killer Tips

Players of World of Warcraft are constantly seeking some solid advice. If you want a few great ways to strengthen your position and increase your skill level, simply read and follow these five, simple World of Warcraft strategy tips. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than this…

#1: Fishing is well worth the effort

Yes, I know; we all know: Fishing can be one of the most boring activities on the face of the planet. But in WoW, it’s more than worth it. Fishermen pull all kinds of useful items out of the waters. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll learn where to spot the schools of in-demand fish, like Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snappers, or even Stonescale Eels. These aqua-bound delights sell for major gold. Plus you’ll find some great gathering items during your trips.

#2: Work in a dual capacity

If you don’t know what an ALT is, it’s an alternative character that you can create on the same server. By creating and using an ALT, you can send items to your other character and then log back in, run them through your chosen profession, and then send them back for reselling. Cha-ching.

#3: Let your ALT do the work

If you’re not going to play with your alternate often, put your ALT character in a capital city. This way, your main doesn’t have to do the traveling back and forth to post items in the auction house.

#4: Use the farmer’s blues

Farming from a gathering skill is undoubtedly one of the top World of Warcraft strategy tips out there. This is frowned upon by some players, but others love the now-considered-tradition move. It’s like always hitting black on the roulette wheel.

#5: Kill with kindness

You should always be nice to people. And though you’re thinking, “Well, I’m never rude!” it’s about more than that. When closing a sell, make the effort to say something nice and treat your customers with respect. This will help get you some sales in the future.

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