With planning, travel can be easy for anyone

I want to change gears here today and talk about something that most of us start to think about this time of year anyway. That subject is deciding where to go and then making arrangements to get to that idyllic vacation place where we, along with our families, can start to relax and unwind from the daily grind of our everyday jobs, not have to think about our work requirements, our clients or customers, those deadlines we have to meet, etc., and — finally and hopefully — have some really good quality time with our families.

Using myself as an example, I want to make the point to start that with some of the more obvious exceptions, if the place that you want to get to is more than a day to a day-and-a-half drive away, you need to think about flying to and from your planned vacation — or, perhaps, even a business trip — in order to get to your destination more quickly and without feeling so tired from all of that driving.

Even if you are a paraplegic who needs to use a wheelchair, you can do it with some prior planning, aided by the airline that you want to use to get to your destination. I urge you to pick a great travel agent who can help you to manage your trip and make it a lot more pleasurable and hassle-free.

In my and my family’s case, for longer trips, we have needs with our disability paraphernalia, whether it be my wheelchair and portable shower seat or, in the case of my daughter, a small, portable oxygen tank to go to San Diego from Salisbury and return later on.

We also had to take along her small motorized scooter so that she could get around in it until her specialized surgery was completed by a highly-skilled and renowned pulmonary surgeon in San Diego so that she could breathe normally again. In that case, we were totally amazed at all of the paperwork required and other hoops that we had to jump through just to ensure that our daughter could at least breathe until her surgery was completed about five days later.

Enter John and Carolyn Hall of Hall’s Tidewater Travel agency (Carolyn, especially) who helped us to work through all of the paperwork required to just be able to take along that portable oxygen tank so that my daughter could breathe relatively easier until her lung surgery was completed just a few days later.

Her surgery was completed successfully and she and her Mother were on their way back home about seven days later just carrying that small portable oxygen tank, rather than my daughter having to use it to breathe. We still had to have all of that return paperwork (also done by Carolyn) just to safely and securely bring that oxygen tank back home. As many of you may recall, my daughter died in dialysis in May 2008 from complications of a failed kidney transplant done about 12 years earlier. At least we had her with us for about 11 more years of a relatively good quality of life, thanks, in large part, to that surgeon in San Diego, with some added help from Carolyn Hall.

The point to be made here is this: You can travel either yourself and/or with a family member, too, even if you both may have to deal with quite a lot of disability-needed baggage.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed at your planning requirements, either. Just be aware that you will need a little or a lot more planning time.

You should use a qualified and expert travel planner (like Hall’s Tidewater Travel) to get you from here to there and back again in a stress-free manner.

Apr 24th, 2011 | Posted in Travel
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