Winning is a Passion

I fell in love with the game of basketball at an early age, but it is my mother who I credit with the success of my coaching career and basketball e-playbook company.

Faced with overcoming the affects alcohol and illegal drug use can do to your body, mom was determined to make sure her three children would learn the necessary skills to stay away from the devilish realities of addiction. I learned to cook, make wise choices, and write and an early age.

Basketball around the McKinnis household was a rather intense affair. If the local high school teams or Boise State University was on the schedule, mom made sure her children sat down to watch the game. It was a family affair analyzing the NCAA tournament, often watching the Bronco’s high/low game lead them out of the first round of the tournament (then as a member of the Big Sky Conference they often drew terrible first round games). Yet, it seemed as though my siblings and my mom could have coached our team to victory-even if it was Louisville.

Growing up I didn’t mind the weekly strategy sessions and reflection. What grew out of these great debates was a found love for the game of basketball. Eventually, I realized my brother and sister didn’t really care about our sound family time and our one connection with the game, but I understood early on I wanted to take my passion much further-dreaming of coaching high school basketball and eventually becoming a successful basketball analysis.

While the family has grown up to be quite a force in the world, I find myself living on a lonely island. I eventually would become a successful basketball coach in Eastern Oregon. The secret formula I developed as a youngster with my mom, would become the foundation of my success. In fact, I got so many requests for my playbooks I decided to begin publishing them in an e-book series available to the entire world. A quick visit to Coach Mac’s Basketball Playbook will uncover nearly a decade of basketball strategy that was instrumental in my winning percentage.

Coach Mac’s Basketball e-Playbooks are an inexpensive attempt to share a decade’s worth of proven basketball strategy with coaches around the world. A few years ago my mother lost her battle with alcoholism, but she always told me that this is a product even your mother would be proud off. I guess now we know why I’ve sold so many copies of my books.

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