Why is Denia Illuminatingly Abundant in History and Culture?

Historically Sunny Denia

Costa Blanca, Spain is home to the city of Denia. Denia is the name coined from the Latin Dianium by the Romans because of the nearby temple dedicated to their goddess and virgin huntress, Diana. It is a city situated on the skirts of Montgo hills with attractions such as an Arab fortress-turned-castle which is right on the Mediterranean Sea. First tourists of the city were the Greeks, back in 6th century B.C., who named it Hemeroscopeion.

But the ones who made most of the city were the Arabs who populated it and converted the place into the region of the Caliph of Cordoba. However, the Moors were eventually expelled and Denia suffered terribly from economic and population issues. The city’s raisin production and exportation to England helped it prosper again but decreases were reported (also in Javea) to have led to its decision to developing itself into one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain.

Denia Delicious, Fun and Satisfying Destination

From raisin country to a booming affordable, attractive tourist destination, Denia still has carefully conserved its rustic places and neighborhoods like Les Roque, which is found at the foot of the Denian castle. Down by the sea is Biax la Mar, located in the area’s fishing neighborhood and the Cross Square (Plaza de la Creu) where you can have snacks, lunch or even dinner coupled by a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Frequent cafe and restaurant crowds may find Cervantes Promenade a temptation where one is served with ‘tapas’, small portions of varieties of seafood, ham, omelets with a cold Spanish beer and wines of you choice. Moreover, you can sample other dishes from nearby cities and towns like Torravieja, Altea, Murcia and Calpe. Much delightful would it be if one rents a car to see these neighboring areas and their selection of scenery. Surely, these will fill your craving for new spots for exploration.

Viva Holidays and Beaches

Speaking of beaches and coves, Denia is not one to be skipped out. Beach combers and tan loving people would likely get their fill of salt, sea and sand, miles and miles of them shorelines. Among them is Les Rotes which is far south and famous for its rocky coastal area. A little to the north, you’ll arrive at the El Palmars or Las Marinas where families will flock in droves to bathe in its deep, bluish waters which is very good for scuba diving as well.

The Festival of Las Fallas (started as a festival in honor of St. Joseph) is also celebrated here along with the harmonious Moor and Christian parade, celebrating the brotherhood of different religions. The Santisima Sangre, Denia’s patron saint is also honored with its own feast day. July’s first 15 days is witness to the city’s “Bulls into the Water” where one can be a bullfighter of his dreams in just a night. Denia, aside from being a costal town, gives entrancing holiday festivities with the guarantee of full satisfaction to every visitor.

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