Why Are Sterling Silver Curb Chains So Popular?

Sterling silver curb chains have been an extremely popular style for many years. There are several good, solid reasons for this popularity. They are attractive and fashionable, they are available in a huge variety of styles and they are a strong basic chain.

Many chains are as thick as they are wide. Curb chains are more wide than thick, so they lie flat on the wearer. This design is a modified cable chain. Both are simple link in link chains. Curb chains are flattened, so the links nest inside each other.

A simple sterling silver cable chain can be placed between two pieces of leather and lightly hammered with a rawhide mallet to flatten it into a basic curb chain. There are many variations on the basic style, of course. These popular sterling silver chains are made in a good range of sizes less starting at less than 1mm wide to heavy styles more than 10mm wide. Women usually opt for the finer chains; the classic man’s style is a big, bold silver curb chain.

Another reason this style is so popular is because jewelers use it as a component part. Most ID bracelets are made with this type of chain; it is also popular for key rings and is often used as a component in watch chains, eyeglass holders and ID tag holders.

Traditionally this design is made with round wire links. Round wire curbs have a very smooth and fluid appearance. Many men like large sized filed curb chains — the top surfaces of the round wire are filed flat and polished. This style is sometimes called diamond cut or Cuban link chain. The links can also be elongated or stretched into longer, oval shapes for a completely different look.

A common twist of this style is the Figaro chain. This attractive and very popular design features long and short links in a set pattern — the most common type is 3 short links, then one long link in a repeating pattern. Similar designs can be one short and one long in an alternating pattern, or five short links followed by one long link. Another very popular variation of the basic curb is the Mariner or Marina chain. This style has a bar across the center of the oval links dividing them into two halves; other than the shapes of the links or long/short pattern these styles are made just like the classic curb design.

It can be difficult to find a gift for men, but an attractive sterling silver chain is always a welcome surprise! The average man wears an 8 to 8 ?inch long bracelet, and a big man may need up to an inch more. Most men prefer chains that are at least 5mm wide and wear neck chains between 22 inches and 28 inches long, but this really depends on personal taste.

Jewelry is one of those little luxuries we just do not want to go without. Everyone likes to look good, and a bit of sparkle adds a nice accent. In tight economic times we all need to get the best value we can when we spend our money, and right now sterling silver chains are a smart buy for the amount of money spent. When compared to the cost of other precious metal jewelry, sterling jewelry is still reasonably priced. Silver chains can be worn for many years, and can even be passed down to the next generation. Sterling silver jewelry always has value, even if it is broken. If a silver chain is broken, it can usually be repaired. Some things just never go out of style, and the curb will always be a popular choice when it comes to choosing a new silver chain!

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