Who is Miss Swan and Why is She Funny?

If you are not sure who Miss Swan is, she is one of the most prominent character in the comedy show MADtv. She is played by actress Alexandrea Borstein. Her video series is one of the most watched on youtube, generating, on average, 500,000 views per video. Just who is Miss Swan and why is she so popular?

Alexandrea Borstein is an American actress who was born in Chicago. She was raised in a Jewish family, with roots in certain countries in Europe and Russsia. She studied in the State University in San Francisco, before starting her career as a writer. She joined MADtv in 1997, and was given the role of Miss Swan, which quickly gained popularity.

In her sketches, she works as a manicurist at the Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon. It is unclear if she was the employee or the boss of the salon (at least I’m not sure). She goes about her daily life and gets everyone around her pissed because she was unable to give answers to simple questions. In the Starbucks sketch, when she was asked what she would like, she went ‘hmmmm’ for almost 15 seconds before she answered “a cup of coffee”. And when she was asked what kind of coffee, she replied “in a cup”. We laugh at such replies because we are thankful that we were not caught in the same situation.

One of her favourite catch phrase would be “ok, I tell you everything”. In the sketch where she was interviewed by a rookie police officer on how the robber looked, she kept replying the same phrase ((which she pronounces like “okay, i tell you evry-think”). Her other favourite reply was ” hee…..looka like a man”. In the end, the police officer supposedly went crazy and went around shooting people on the streets, all of them men.

In my opinion, what made her so popular is the fact that she couldn’t speak English properly (she is native Spanish in the shows), and she keeps repeating the same thing over and over again, until it frustrates the people around her. In one of the sketches, the lady at the ATM was so pissed with Miss Swan that she drew money from her own account ($20) and gave it to Miss Swan because Miss Swan had difficulties in using the ATM. The next thing she did that made me roll was that she wanted to deposit the money that was given to her. Now, that’s comedy.

Her childlike behaviour has also won the hearts of thousands of people. Her behaviour reminds us of our childhood days, and how we actually miss those days. And it looks really funny to see an adult trying to look cute whenever she gives her trademark smile. The best thing of all, her naivety usually gets her OUT of trouble, and not into trouble.

That’s all guys. (Thanks to you) for reading this article.

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