What Your Low Carb Vegetarian Diet Could Change For Your Body

More and more of us are cutting meat out of our diets and turning towards a high protein vegetarian diet. Many people are now starting to realize that vegetarians enjoy many health benefits above what meat eaters experience. As a result of this, more supermarkets are stocking a good range of vegetarian options and products and at restaurants you generally have a variety of menu choices that do not contain meat.

First and foremost, ditching meat and becoming a vegetarian brings several important health benefits. Since most vegetarian diets are much lower in saturated fats, vegetarians rarely have problems with obesity or develop type II diabetes. It is estimated that vegetarians consume around 25 percent less fat in their diets than meat eaters.

Since vegetarians consume less animal fats, they also tend to avoid many problems such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, angina, heart attacks and strokes. Lower cholesterol levels keep the blood circulating through the body more easily and it does not place undue pressure on the heart.

There is a lot of evidence and studies that have proven undeniably that vegetarians tend to have a much lower incidence of some cancers. Some estimates place the cancer reduction at least 50 percent less than meat eaters. Consuming a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, introduces many antioxidants to your body that are able to fight off free radicals that can cause cancer.

People who have digestion problems should seriously consider changing to a low carb vegetarian diet. Heavy and dense meat products take a long time for the body to digest, this can lead to a sluggish digestion system that is unable to fully eliminate waste. After a while, the inability to get rid of waste effectively can lead to stomach, colon or intestinal cancer. Vegetarians eat foods that are much more easily digested and therefore can avoid many digestive problems.

As well as being much better for your own personal health, eating vegetarian is much less damaging to the environment. Large parts of the Amazon Jungle are being decimated to make space for cattle stations and this is happening elsewhere in the world too. If you reject red meat, then you can do your bit to help prevent some forms of land degradation.

It has been demonstrated by environmental studies that meat production is one of the worst offenders at causing environmental problems out of all the primary industries. Meat production can cause air and water pollution, land degradation and be responsible for the loss of habitats and species. This is an important reason to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian once and for all.

If you follow a high protein vegetarian diet, you will get the benefit of many health outcomes. On top of this, you can do your part to reduce damage and destruction of the global environment by cutting out meat on a vegetarian weight loss diet.

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