What LCD TV to Buy and Factors to Consider When Buying a LCD TV

When your old TV has passed its use by date and you find yourself in the market place looking for a new TV again. You will find yourself spoiled for choice. One of the reasons you might be reading this right now is because you are in that exact position and are looking for some help in making that right choice for you.

The first piece of advice would be to work out your budget. If you are having difficulty in doing that then try browsing a few websites for LCD’s and familiarize yourself with the prices.

You will want to get the most out of your LCD so its always a good idea knowing how you will set everything up. You will want to make sure adequate connectivity is available. As standard LCD’s tend to come with HDMI, phono, video input and many more connectivity sockets which are usually more then enough for the average household user.

Choose the size of your LCD TV. It might be a good idea to go to your nearest LCD showroom and familiarize yourself with the sizes, better still if you can get a tape measure and judge it for yourself then there wont be any surprises. As you know checking the size of a LCD in a showroom looks different to when its in your living room because the open space in which it is kept when in the showroom can make it look larger or smaller then when in the home.

Decide how you will mount the LCD. Will you place it on a table with a tabletop stand? Or will you wall mount it using brackets? Due to the popularity of wall mounting LCD’s, the majority of LCD TV’s are designed for wall mounting and give best viewer experience when mounted this way.

Choose a well known name. Go with experience and user reviews. Go with brands that are well known and specialize in LCD’s. I don’t want to put off the smaller brands however when buying a LCD its a choice you don’t want to be making again sometime soon, so make the right choice. Take a look at JVC for example. Great make, been around for years, reasonable on price, known for quality, have many LCD’s that have won awards of the year. This is an achievement. You only build a name like this because the products built are quality products.

Finally compare prices. You will be surprised how much you can save when you look around. Larger companies have more wages to pay and marketing costs rocket high all of which comes from the profits. Smaller companies with lower overheads can afford to sell cheaper. So look around and save money.

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