What Do Women Want in Bed? 3 Secrets Every Man Must Know!

If you want to become a spectacular lover in bed, you really need to read this. Here are three things that almost EVERY woman craves in bed. It really is sad and pathetic how few guys actually give these things to women these days. It really goes to show how far men have strayed from their true path. Read on to become the man which she craves.

What Do Women Want in Bed? 3 Secrets Every Man Must Know About Women

1. Take Charge

Man up. It really is as simple as that.

There are way too many men out there who are passive during sex. They want to be gentle and cute rather than dominant and masculine. This is one of the biggest mistakes they will ever make in bed. Gender polarization during sex requires a feminine force to interact with a masculine force. Two feminine forces cannot interact with each other for a truly satisfying sexual experience.

A highly masculine force must be present to complete the ‘whole’. So get dominant with her in bed. Be the one who changes up the positions and make her follow your lead.

2. Get a Little Rough

Women get the most intense orgasms when they are getting deep penetration. This is because their G Spot gets extremely stimulated.

Don’t be afraid to have rough sex with her. Women don’t want to ‘make love’ all the time. Most times they just want their sexual cravings to be fulfilled.

3. Talk to Her

Talk to her and tell her how sexy she is. Women are extremely self conscious when they’re naked in bed (especially the really sexy ones). If you want to have some wild sex, you must first clear away any lingering inhibitions by assuring her of how sexy she is and how awesome she makes you feel.

Mar 30th, 2017 | Posted in Sexuality
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