What Causes ADHD Depression?

There are many problems associated with ADHD. Other than the primary symptoms, heart palpitations, insomnia, weight loss, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts are becoming associated with this condition. One discovery disturbed a great number of people-ADHD depression.

We all know ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is characterized by three major symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. So why then do a significant number of ADHD sufferers feel other things?

This is most likely due to the use of psychostimulant drugs.

Psychostimulant drugs are the first line of defense for most people who are suffering from ADHD. This kind of medication is supposed to alleviate hyperactivity and improve concentration and focus.

But although many are temporarily relieved of their ADHD symptoms, the side effects continue to persist. When we weigh down all the odds and evens, we can easily come to the conclusion that the negative effects are even worse than the actual symptoms.

ADHD depression is not something that we want our children to go through. This is a totally different condition that can alter the course of our children’s lives. ADHD symptoms are already a challenge to deal with and if you still add depression to the line up along with other stimulant medication side effects, it would take a miracle for a child to get past all of them.

Psychostimulant drugs, when you cross over to its dark side, are just plain and simple drugs. This can lead your child to possible addiction and dependency.

Your child deserves better than that. They should be taking safe and natural remedies that will not mess up the regular synchronization of their bodily functions.

You can try the dietary approach. This may not be an immediate relief to ADHD, but this will help your child in the long run.

By removing harmful allergens in their diet such as sugar, gluten, food color or MSG, you can help improve the symptoms of their ADHD. These food additives can actually worsen their condition.

There is also no harm in trying natural homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies are creating a stir in the ADHD market. This is because of its efficacy in improving the symptoms of ADHD.

Arsen Iod, Hyoscyamus and Tuberculinum are some of its powerhouse ingredients that can calm hyperactivity, soothe the nerves, improve the concentration and promote the over all disposition of your child. This remedy enables your body to heal itself from within.

Since no two ADHD sufferers can show the exact same symptoms, Homeopathic remedies targets individual ADHD needs.

There is no need for you to keep giving your child stimulant drugs when you can use other natural remedies. In ADHD recovery, there are no quick fixes. Although most natural treatments can take time before you see positive results, these results will be for the better. In this case, the long process is better than the quick but potentially lethal medication.

ADHD depression should not be experienced by your child. They do not deserve to go through that phase and neither do you deserve to see them under that state. Try opening your heart to natural remedies that can improve their condition without the risk of side effects.

Jun 20th, 2017 | Posted in Mental Health
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