What Are the Past Winners of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Doing Now?

We all love “So You Think You Can Dance” and the contestants. We especially love the ones we voted to win the show. One question remains on our minds though, what are they doing now that they have won. For some it has been as long as four years, and for others, not even one year. Here is a look at what they are doing now since winning SYTYCD.

Nick Lazzarini was winner on the first season of SYTYCD. Not only was he an amazing dancer, but was also a great person and quite good looking :). The reward at the time was $100,000 and a year in a Penthouse in New York City. Nick, living in California, decided to take the cash value of the penthouse instead. Since the show, Nick was on the cover of Dance Spirit twice, being the first person to do so ever for the magazine. He also is a founding member of Evolution Dance Company. Currently Nick also works with Jump Tours, which puts on classes and performances.

Benji Schwimmer was probably the most entertaining contestant to grace the screens on SYTYCD and was also the season 2 winner. His prizes included a car, $100,000 and a year contract as a dancer with Celine Dion in her Vegas show. He took the car and cash but did turn down the gig with Celine, stating it was an honor but he didn’t want to live in Vegas but wanted to travel and pursue television. Well, he is certainly traveling. Since the show he has been teaching and performing all over the world pushing his and Heidi Groskreutz’s  instructional DVD’s. Benji is also co-producing a movie about dancers called Love N’ Dancing. This movie was originally planned as a TV movie, but as it turns out, it will be released in Theaters in these coming months. Rumor on the street is he is also to be casted in two more movies in the future. Additionally, Benji was in Christina Aguilera’s music video “Candyman”. More recently, Benji was featured in Dancer Magazine n a ten page spread in addition to his photography, CLK’d by BNJI.

Sabra Johnson was the first female winner on the show, taking home the grand prize of $250,000. Not bad for only having danced for four years before the show. She is truly a talented dancer and deserved it. Since the show she has been on the cover of “Movmnt Magazine”, February 2008 edition. She has also been traveling the world teaching dance including Australia and South Africa. Sabra does have future goals of maybe taking her talents to Broadway and dance professionally.

Joshua Allen is the most recent winner of SYTYCD on season 4, taking home the grand prize of $250,000. There isn’t too much to report on him since his win didn’t take place as long as even a year ago, but he has been around. Joshua was one of the least trained dancers on the show but really showed his talents to the world. He never once made it into the bottom and took home the prize. Since the show he has been teaching workshops around the country. I am curious to know what the next several years hold for him, one thing is for sure though. What ever he does, he will be living his dream.

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