Wealthy Affiliate Review – From a Bum Marketer

I am what is called a bum marketer. What is a bum marketer? It is someone who uses only free tools and techniques in order to sell affiliate products. Well today I am going to review one of the best websites for any article marketer and that is Wealthy Affiliate. This membership website is fantastic for anyone who wants to succeed at any aspect of Internet marketing. The tools and resources you have at your disposal will certainly help you dominate any niche you are going after.

Some of the tools and resources that will help are a free keyword research tool, free website hosting, free niche website research and an active community of dedicated Internet marketers. That is the real difference between any other service and Wealthy Affiliate, the active community members. You see it is when you associate with like minded people do you really start to learn the subtle tricks of the trade that make all the difference.

I know there are many other Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there but not many are from another bum marketer. That is what makes my review different. You see I realized that by just spending a little bit more money I could really help my free techniques to gain me even more money. I consider adding Wealthy Affiliate to my routine the steroids I needed in order to compete with the major players in the game.

The keyword research tool has saved me countless hours hunting down those elusive keywords that will drive my campaigns. You see an article marketer is only really as good as his or her keywords. The free keyword tool is simply invaluable to use to write articles that will actually be read as opposed to others that will fizzle out.

I actually took the time and spent a little extra money and obtained the article marketing course offered on Wealthy Affiliate. With this course my profits skyrocketed. There simply was no better way to hone my skills then that course. What this involved was a refining of techniques I have already used but put them more into perspective and allowed me to really succeed at this.

Now I know that a true bum marketer does not spend any money on tools and resources. Any person who states that does not know what they are talking about. Simply put just about everyone spends a little money getting the best research tools and software programs in order to help them succeed. So then why spend money all over the place and just spend it in one place where you can find all you need in order to succeed.

Any article marketer worth their salt will check out Wealthy Affiliate at one time in their journey to success. Why not check it out now and see if what I said was really true or not? A real honest review of Wealthy Affiliate is sometimes hard to find but I hope that you can see that this is an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate by another Bum Marketer.

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