Warrior Leveling Guide – Leveling For Warrior in WotLK

Warriors are a very fun class to play with, since they provide the feeling of an unstoppable leveling machine. They don’t need to wait for mana, they get energy by getting into combat. Their overall leveling speed is really high. If the leveling is done correctly, your leveling speed will be similar to the leveling speed of well-geared rogues or hunters. While leveling your warrior, it is very important to pay attention to its equipment as that will determine your success. Read on to discover the best talent and equipment for a warrior.


The best talent build is usually, the core of a good warrior leveling guide, as it is really hard to decide, which talent build is truly good for leveling. I recommend you to use this Fury build, since it will give you really high consistent damage, which is the most important for leveling. Cruelty is one of the most important talents to pick up, so get it. However, Unbridled Wrath seems, a weak talent at first look, actually, it is really good. Dual Wield Specialization will give a huge boost to your damage, so pick it up. The real, killer talent is the Flurry, as it will give a massive increase to your damage, but it is important to maximize it out and build up a decent critical strike rating. Bloodthirst, Rampage, Improved Berserker Stance, all these talents will increase your overall damage, so go for them.


Choosing the right statistics for a Fury warrior is really simple: your aim is to maximize your overall damage output, so you should get as much attack power, critical strike rating and strength as possible. Strength should be your first priority, as strength will increase your attack power, thus your overall damage. Later, critical strike rating may become more important as critical strike rating also affects the effectiveness of Flurry. It is also important to choose weapon with the highest available DPS since the damage of your weapon really matters.

The Ultimate Warrior Leveling Guide

The next step is to get the best warrior leveling guide, but before you start looking for the best, i must warn you: nowadays, there is no such thing: warrior leveling guide, as all good guides cover all the playable classes. So, get the best automated leveling guide.

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