Using a Cooking Spatula to Flip Pancakes

When it comes to breakfast, a lot of people just don’t have time for it. If they’re lucky, they can pour a bowl of cereal or grab some sort of breakfast bar. Even though they don’t eat breakfast much, I’m sure they would love to sit down for a nice warm stack of pancakes if they could.

Pancakes aren’t exactly known to be the easiest and fastest breakfast to make. Other choices like cereal or oatmeal, or even eggs, are faster. You don’t have as many steps involved. Pancakes mean you have to make some batter, pour it on the pan, let it cook, flip, cook some more, and then you’re finally ready and left with a big mess, too.

While pancakes aren’t too hard to cook up, if you want them to actually resemble pancakes, you need to know how to correctly and effectively flip them. If you flip them wrong, you might end up with a mess of pancake that just doesn’t look right. Get the flip down and you will get what you know as a pancake.

Now you will need to get your flipping tool. Preferably don’t use something that is metal. This will scratch the pan and if your griddle has a nonstick coating, you will ruin it. Use some sort of cooking spatula like a turner. It should be pretty much the same thing you use to flip burgers.

First, pour out the batter onto the pan to form pancakes. Make them a good size, not too big, not too small. If they are too big, they will be very difficult to flip. It really doesn’t make a difference if they are too small. They will be ready to turn when tiny bubbles for across the top which will take about a minute.

When they are cooked and ready to flip, start by sliding the spatula under the pancake. Do this quickly so that you don’t mess the pancake or any surrounding pancakes. Put the edge of the turner to the side of where the pancake will be after first lifting it up. Flip it over and let it cook for about another minute before removing from the griddle.

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