Types of Chandelier Navel Rings to Choose From

After having your navel pierced there will be a short period of time, although it won’t seem particularly short, when the wound will be susceptible to infection. During this time your choice in navel rings will be limited to the one used for the original piercing. But once the wound has healed you will be able to splash out and wear whatever type of navel ring that takes your fancy, including flashy chandelier navel rings.

Chandelier navel rings look very much as their name suggests, resembling the showy brilliance of the expensive ceiling mounted light fixtures with branching arms to display the gems. They are designed to hang down from the piercing, often fanning out to display as an artful arrangement of precious stones on the lower abdomen.

There is an endless array of choices available starting with the kinds of precious stones that you may wish to put on display. There are a few different styles to choose from too from the teardrop dangling to the reversed dangling chandelier and on to the broad mounted with multiple display arms or a more refined narrow mounted navel ring. The chandelier navel rings that catch your eye may come with additional adornments such as delicate chains, bells or loops and they might be decorated with further design features such as butterflies or love hearts.

The option of going as showy as you can with a 5-strand chandelier might suit your extrovert mood one day or you can scale things back with an equally impressive and very refined teardrop the next. The choices are virtually endless, but the result is pure glamour.

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