Two Fantastic Idol’s

Two Fantastic Idol

Two men known as good guys in the ring as well as on the screen deserve to be mentioned and applauded for everything they do to entertain us. Terry ??he HulkHogan and Dwayne ??he RockJohnson. These two men are professional wrestlers that decided to also pursue acting careers. For both of these men it worked out great.

Terry Hogan will always stick in my memory as one of the good guys in the ring. Coming from Georgia USA in the mid 1950, He was destine to become a American Icon. Built like a battleship he has the respect of his opponents in the ring. The Hulk (Terry) is noticeably the good guy. Anyone who sits down in front of a wrestling match with him in the ring knows right away who the good guy is, even if you aren that in touch with the sport, you just know. Even better, Terry ??he HulkHogan is a big winner. He is a huge guy that operates as a clean cut by the book professional wrestler. These are some of the reason why I feel he is successful.

Terry Hogan eventually went into acting which I thought was just a explosive and great idea. He starred in a television series called Thunder In Paradise. He starred in one of my favorite movies titled Suburban Commando which to this day I feel amplifies his skills and talents to provide entertainment for people. Anyone who hasn yet seen the movie Suburban Commando should try to make it a point to do so. You will find this absolutely enjoyable.

Dwayne ??he RockJohnson born in the early 1970 and coming from California USA is another really big wrestler that also role modeled the area of being a good guy. Here too, Dwayne was also a by the book professional wrestler who got a lot of respect from his opponents in the ring. Dwayne too went into acting which I thought was absolutely outstanding. Dwayne starred in a couple of my favorite movies ??alking Talland ??he Scorpion King Dwayne has clearly shown he excels at things he gets involved in. Not everyone can say this, but these two men can say it. And be proud of it!

As for Dwayne roll in ??alking Tall there are three movies with the name Walking Tall, I highly recommend seeing the one that stars Dwayne ??he RockJohnson. This is a dynamite action drama where Dwayne plays the roll of a Veteran coming home to a town he no longer recognizes, he is the one man that fixes that. Another ??ust Seemovie.

Between these two men I can honestly say I??e never heard anything negative about either one. I work in a school district and see hundreds of school kids every day. When kids talk about wrestlers, they talk about the Hulk and the Rock. This doesn surprise me at all. The way youths idolize these two wrestlers is perfectly acceptable. Terry and Dwayne are good guys. They deserve to be idols in the eyes of our youths.

Reporter Joseph Toth

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