Top Ways to Increase Your Vertical Leap

We see LBJ, Superman Howard, Amare look down through the hoop and we all say; how? Yes much of their jumping ability is innate but never underestimates the power of training and learning. In this article we will help you improve your game by helping you improve your ups. Here are some exercises and tips on how to increase your jumping ability.

Make sure to stretch before every work out or basketball activity. A lot of ballers think flexibility is overrated because you want your muscles tight and compact so you can explode into a jump; wrong. You want your leg muscles to be loose but firm. Think about it, if you are flexible you have the ability to swing your leg higher which increases momentum and propels you higher.

Warm up right after you stretch. Do a couple laps around the court, jump some rope, whatever it may be; just make sure your muscles get prepared for the work out ahead. Taking the time to do this will pay off in the long run.

Participate in weight training work outs that are explosive and high reps.


Explosive: Hang Cleans: Use a straight barbell (enough weight that you can push out 15 reps) and pick it up with the back of your hand facing away from you. Your hangs should be placed directly under the ends of your shoulders. Have your knees bent and explode up towards a jumping position, this should allow your shoulders to shrug and the barbell to be repositioned across your chest with your elbows under for support. Do this with light weight, rapidly for 15 reps.

High Reps: Standing Squats: With little or no weight stand with your feet slightly in front of your chest and your feet shoulder’s distance apart. Squat till you reach 90 degrees while keeping your feet flat. Repeat this 25-50 times.

Jumping rope will not only strengthen your fast twitch muscles which account for your explosiveness but it will increase your stamina to allow you to jump high frequently. Gradually work up your speed and proficiency.

Plyometric exercises are designed to increase your speed, quickness and jumping ability. By rapidly accelerating muscle, bring the body to rest, then rapidly starting again, your muscles, connective tissue and nervous system are being trained to respond to quick and powerful movements. Box jumps are one of the most basic polymeric exercises.

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