Tips on How to Deal With Someone Who Has ADHD

The life of a person living with someone who has ADHD is pretty much a roller coaster ride. The whirlwind of activities, the erratic behavioral changes and the endless supply of drama. It is not a pretty experience but just a simple change of perspective that can actually reduce the emotional baggage that ADHD brings.

We have the dish on how to deal with someone who has ADHD.

Patience, patience, patience. Remember the old adage that goes “patience is a virtue”? Patience indeed can make everything easier. The next time your child is acting up and you feel the need to scream at the top of your lungs, try counting from one to ten.

Try to remember that your child is not being hyperactive and inattentive deliberately. This is something that they can’t control. What they need from you is your patience and understanding, not your anger and frustration.

Keep a checklist of your child’s behavioral patterns. Try monitoring your child’s behavioral patterns. A checklist is a great way to know when your child is being more hyperactive than usual and what might be the possible causes for this aggravation.

By being more familiar with their behavioral patterns, it easier for you to know when to seek help or ask for advices.

Remove possible allergens in their diet. One of the leading causes of ADHD are nutritional deficiencies and an overload of sugar and MSG.

Sugar and MSG can actually make your child more hyperactive. Lack of the essential nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and fatty acids can make your child’s brain and body functions weak and unstable.

Positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement can teach your child to be more mindful of their behavior. By creating a reward-punishment rule in your household, they will want to get the reward more and because of this, they will be able to learn the merits of good behavior.

Follow an exercise routine. Exercise can help your child improve their disposition. It can boost happy endorphins, making your child feel good inside and out. In this way, you can reduce the tantrums sessions.

Exercise can also strengthen the body. A sound and healthy body is essential in fighting behavioral disorders.

Try natural homeopathic remedies. If you are still using stimulant drugs as your medication of choice for your child, don’t you think it is time to put a stop to it? Drugs can be addictive and you are putting your child at that risk. Stimulant drugs can also cause unwanted side effects such as insomnia and weight loss, side effects that can hinder them from developing normally.

Homeopathic remedy is a natural and drug-free way of reducing the core symptoms of ADHD. This is totally different with stimulant drugs because it takes a holistic approach to treating this condition. Your child does not just show improvements in ADHD symptoms, they can also show improvements in their over all health.

How to deal with someone who has ADHD? By closely following the tips above, there is a huge chance of seeing a significant improvement in your child. Living with someone who has ADHD does not have to be all thorns. It can also be a bed of roses too. That choice lies on your hands.

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