Tiger Woods Iron Shot – A Guide on How to Hit Them

Many would say that if you looked up “Tiger Woods Iron Shot” in the dictionary, the word “perfection” would be a related term. Tiger Woods is quite possibly the greatest golfer to ever play the game. If you watched his most recent conquest at the Arnold Palmer Classic, you know exactly what I am talking about. Tiger was down 5 shots going into the final round and drained a 15 foot putt on the 18th green to win the tournament by one shot. This was his first win since coming back from reconstructive knee surgery. Many amateur golfers and even professionals are trying to figure out how to copy Woods iron shots. They are spectacular to watch and are a big part of what makes his game so phenomenal.

To Hit A Tiger Woods Iron Shot 

If you have watched Tigers iron shots, you probably have noticed some very fundamental things that he does better than most other golfers. Tiger’s posture when he addresses the ball is perfect. His back is straight, his knees are slightly flexed and his arms are forming a perfect v shape. When Tiger takes the club away, he keeps his head on the ball and his lower body pretty still. As he comes down through the shot, he keeps his left arm straight and again keeps his head on the ball. Tiger also does a great job of keeping his lower body and arms in sync. He doesn’t get his body out in front of his arms or vice versa. Many amateurs make this mistake and that is what causes a hook or a slice.

A Tiger Woods Iron Shot Requires Sacrifice And Practice

To hit a shot as perfect as a Tigers, it takes a tremendous amount of practice. It is important to keep in mind that Tiger has dedicated his entire life to mastering the game of golf. Anyone that loves the game of golf would also love to hit shots just like him, but the reality for most amateur golfers is that it is hard enough just to find time to play a round of golf let alone find time to practice. Amateur golfers can, however, study the way Tiger hits the ball and learn from him. Tiger also often gives tips and advice in various golf magazines that can really help the average golfer get better.

When Your Tiger Woods Iron Shot Comes

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