Thinking of Diving in Florida?

Florida has more Diving sites in the United States than any other location. Florida is a Mecca for scuba divers from all over the world. And why not, it has a lot to offer anyone who makes the effort to visit its shores.

Florida is a diver’s paradise with many attractions for those interested in marine life. There are numerous aquariums and water parks. One of the more popular attractions in Florida is SeaWorld, home to some of the most amazing marine life found on the planet.

Florida appeals to advanced divers, as it offers several extreme diving opportunities, such as cave and wreck diving. As exciting as cave and wreck diving can be, they are more dangerous than diving in open water. This is because open water diving enables divers in trouble to swim up to the surface using a known as emergency-swimming ascents (ESAs).

Although there are diving sites all over Florida, the most popular sites are located in the Florida Keys. With its warm gulf water, the Florida Keys are home to amazing coral formations and a plethora of marine life. The Florida Keys boast some artificial marine habitats that established around ship wrecks left at the bottom of the ocean floor. These wrecks offer diving thrilling diving opportunities to advanced divers, but are unfortunately not suitable to beginners. Luckily, Florida has a number of diving sites that cater to every skill level, so there is something for everyone.

The Benwood, the Duanne and the Bibb are some of the most popular wrecks to dive in the Florida Keys. The Benwood is a World War II freighter that sunk in 1942 near Elbo Reef at Key Largo. The wreck is shallow enough to make it an accessible dive for all skill levels. The Duanne and the Bibb are interesting in that they were intentionally sunk by the US. The depth of these vessels means that they are suited to more advanced divers.

Most scuba diving tour operators offer a variety of scuba gear for hire, so it is not always necessary to bring your own equipment. Instructors can be found at most tour operators and even some scuba diving shops offer diving lessons, so that even if you’ve never dived before, you can enjoy one of the most recommended diving locations in the world: Florida.

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