The Wonders of the KitchenAid Artisan Mixers

Having the right tools in the kitchen it you are a cooking enthusiast makes all the difference. These days there are cooking appliances to suit every budget, however how do the cheaper appliances compare to those more expensive ones? Take the analogy of an office chair at an office workers workplace. How productive will they be sitting on a wooden bench all day? Probably not very, because after a few hours they will feel uncomfortable and will not be very enthusiastic in their work or be able to concentrate very well. Now give that same worker a deluxe multi-adjustable gas lift chair with electronic adjustments and you can imagine how much better they will work. Well its more or less the same in the kitchen, with a good knife you will be able to cut your ingredients properly and will not become frustrated by the prospect of trying to cook with a blunt knife.

Now take the case of a kitchen mixer. I have had several cheaper quality mixers in my time, I thought the problems that I faced with them every couple of days was normal, and you just had to deal with it. I experienced everything from the mixer not getting to all parts of the bowl to motors just plain burning out and sometimes even affecting the flavor of the food. Finally I decided enough was enough and it was time to get a good quality mixer. All I can say is I wish I had done it sooner. Suddenly I could do all the things that used to be tedious chores with ease. Not only that but having a new modern model also allowed me to do a whole range of things that would have been impossible with my inferior quality ones. For example making bread and doughs with the included dough paddles was now a cinch.

Some of the newer type of kitchen mixer, apart from being more powerful than models found in the past can now do more as well. For example on some you can add extra attachments which utilize the motor for different purposes. An example of such an attachment which is available on some is a cold press juicer attachment. This allows you to turn your mixer into a juicer in just a minute or two. Good cold press juicers are not cheap so this is a great benefit of better quality models.

Probably the best known mixers for their quality today are KitchenAid mixers. Watch any professional cook worth their weight in salt on any cooking show and they will have a KitchenAid mixer in the background. The Artisan is a great entry grade model that offers a host of great features. So if you are tired of your old mixer, or you love to cook and like to have the best cooking appliances available it may be time to upgrade. You will be thanking yourself.

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