The Perfect Golf Swing – Just Practice

Is there a perfect golf swing or is this just a myth in the golf world? Well, as you can see golf pros like Tiger Woods and others are so good in their golf swing that you have to think that this is the perfect one. But in my opinion there is nothing like a perfect golf swing. There are basic rules how to do it, but what is perfect? How you hold your arms or how you move your hips.


Okay, to be serious golf pros are often very near to a perfect golf swing. But you do not have to be perfect to play golf. A solid golf swing is okay. But how can you get a solid and successful technique. Here are some tips you can use to improve your golf swing.


1. Mental fitness is crucial. You have to be able to concentrate yourself right at the point of your swing. Many golfers are losing lower scores because they are not in a good mental fitness.

2. Physical fitness is as important as mental fitness. If you are not able to make the moves in the right way then you will not see the results you aspect. Do yourself a favour and keep your body fit. This is important in your hole way of life and not only for your golf skills.

3. You have to be in a good posture. The right stand is very important. Think of this, you are doing your swing and in the next moment you are sitting on the green because your swing blow you away. The can happen in the back swing too. And here comes the physical fitness back.

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