The Legacy of Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is an all American hero. Serving his country proud in World War II even to the point of volunteering for the Super Soldier program, which would alter his DNA forever, giving him superhuman strength and reflexes that would transform him into the icon of marvel comics,captain America.

Cap, as he is commonly referred to, is the backbone of the Marvel Universe. He represents America, and he represents the superhero community. While Spider-Man and the X-Men gain all the popularity among fans, Cap’s fanbase was huge during his inception due to the wartime era he was created in and for. Since then, while Cap has still been a stalwart in the Marvel family of characters, and within the Marvel Universe, he has taken a backseat to the more popular characters.

Sadly, it took the icon of marvel comics, Captain America, to die for his star to rise, as it were. In the aftermath of his death, his name and image gained notoriety on television through programs like The Colbert Report and found its way to newspapers and online news sites all over the place. The death of Captain America sent shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe and the real one.

Most recently, Captain America’s shield was seen in the Iron Man movie for a split second. And we now know that Captain America will grace the silver screen in his own titular film very soon. So while he may not be the most popular character in present times, he is beginning to gain the respect he deserves.

This is in no small part thanks to two things, aside from his death: The Ultimates and Civil War. The latter relaunched the Avengers for a modern audience and showed Cap and the rest of the team in a different, more realistic light. This increased the number of Cap fans for years to come, and has had an impact on Marvel proper and how Cap is portrayed. The former is the famous story line that made real life headlines that pitted Captain America against Iron Man as the entire superhero community was torn in two and forced to choose sides.

Regardless of the events that brought it, the icon of marvel comics,captain America, has once again made his mark in the industry and with his fanbase. And with the movie on the horizon with an Avengers film not far behind it, expect Captain America to reclaim the spotlight as one of Marvel’s top tier characters once and for all.

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