The Joy in Clowning and Magic

It is always wonderful to become a child. Childhood memories are worth reminiscing and what could be more joyful than having in mind those clown memories of tricks and magic.

Now, are you familiar of those grotesque appearance, colored wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes and large footwear all set for a hilarious fashion? I’m sure, yes. They are clowns and they give life to this art of clowning which has been in existence for such a long time. Clowning existed for some varied reasons. Commonly, the practice of clowning is deeply rooted in the needs of the people in that particular place. One could be a birthday party clown or children’s party clowns.

Part of this great art is also the use of magic tricks with ordinary objects. Magic tricks with ordinary objects are some of the most entertaining things that clowns can do. Clown use these to entertain audiences and to create laughter and smiles from all ages. The secret to using ordinary objects in magical ways is to use them in a way that looks funny.

Always put in mind that in “clowning” the aim is to entertain, to create fun and bring the people in a hilarious environment instead of instilling fear or scare the audience especially so if you are a birthday party clown. Now, let me help you with simple steps.

1. Clown’s appearance – This must always be the first consideration. A good clown appearance will also be a good source of laughter and good times. If you want your appearance to be good, consider assessing yourself first if it is already bright and cheerful, with the correctly painted face and an outfit that is oversized or too small, and exciting.

2. Apparels – One of the trademarks of clown is large footwear. So consider wearing those kind of shoes or you may opt for those kinds with some funny flowers or buttons, and with loud colors like red, green, yellow or neon colors will do.

3. Ordinary objects -Remember you can make use of ordinary objects for your magical tricks. You don’t have to spend that much in order to buy things that will have good magical results. For instance, anything that is too big for you, or too small for you, can be magical. Think about a big clown riding on a tiny tricycle or a small clown using an umbrella that is too big for her. All of these things are ways to get the good times flowing and get the laughter where you can hear it.

4. Sizes of items -Now, if you are a birthday party clown always get the impression of you audience. The impression that I am referring here is to create a “hilarious environment” for the celebrant and the guests. So, now look into the sizes of the items that you will be using in the party. If you are doing a skit or a short scene, try to use props that are oversized or undersized. A nurse clown might try to listen to a heart beat with a very big stethoscope. A clown that is pretending to go to work might do so in a teeny-tiny car.

5. Deal with extra-ordinary circumstances – Next, think about using objects that you are not normally doing. For instance, think about how funny it would be for a clown to attempt to talk on the phone using their big red shoe – or for a clown to try to ride on an umbrella. Using things in a way that appears extraordinary can be a good source of humor.

Now that we have provided you with those simple steps always remember that you always have the right to innovation. Innovate new ways of tricks and magic which can surely get the attention of the audience or try putting up new hilarious fashion. There’s no harm in trying. You are here to create fun and it spices life. Anything that can make people laugh is considered important in clowning. The ultimate secret, just love what you are doing and show it in a funny way.

Nov 26th, 2015 | Posted in Humor
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