The Importance of Hand-Written Notes

Personally, I love the whole act: Selecting the stationery, sitting down to gather my thoughts of gratitude, writing them down, addressing and mailing the envelope. Every time I drop a hand-written note in the mail, I get a thrill because I know it will brighten the recipient’s day, like it did mine.

People often lament doing what is best for them- like eating well and exercising. Writing a hand-written thank you note is no different. Many regard it as a burden. But what may seem like another chore to check off your list can actually make you really happy.

Feeling and showing gratitude in a thoughtful and deliberate way will lead to more good things in your life, and more reasons to be thankful. When you sit down to write a note on pretty stationery that reflects your style, you honor and celebrate the good that has come into your life, and lay the groundwork for more to come your way.

When the note is received, your thoughtfulness and appreciation will brighten their day, and probably inspire them to continue to do give in the way that made you grateful in the first place. See how this fabulous cycle is a win-win?

The most common and appropriate occasions to send a hand-written note are upon receiving a gift or favor, and notes on congratulations and condolences. It is always lovely to send a note to your host for an evening or weekend, as well as after an interview. And there is always the sweetest occasion- none at all!

Once you see the benefits and power of a simple thank you note, it will shift from being that pesky chore at the bottom of your list to a joyous activity you will look forward to.

To get started:

1. Buy a small box of blank note cards to have on hand, or splurge on fabulous personalized stationery.

2. Focus on the good things in your life. Who has gone out of their way for you? Celebrated your successes? Bought you something special? Picked you up when you were having a hard day?

3. When you sit down to write the note, keep it simple. The act of writing and sending the note in this email-saturated world is half the message itself.

4. To give a little oomph, include a photo you know the recipient would enjoy as a token of your appreciation.

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