The Growth Process When Learning to Play an Instrument

It can be very frustrating when you reach a point where you feel your not improving when your putting all this energy into trying to play an instrument. Whether your a novice or professional musician, the same problem happens to everyone. The key thing is that you don’t have to be a genius to play music, all you need is an interest in music and commitment to a life long learning of your instrument also known as a passion for music.

In the growth process, we all go though periods in which we are activating new nerve junctions, both in the the brain and throughout other parts of the body. This type of growth draws a huge amount of energies from your bodily system and the overall feeling is like pulling a train uphill and the spin off is the feeling that we are getting nowhere. This will persist for some time period.

After some time, we tend to go into a natural state of rest or a “plateau”. While we are in this “plateau” state, we tend to feel that we have the world by the tail and great progress is taking place. Actually the reverse is true. The progress was made during the uphill climb, and not during the rest period. The plateau or rest period will continue for some time so don’t worry about it. Then the road will become rough again and we will begin to be aware of our weaknesses. This will continue until we select a specific area of musicianship skills to attack first. We will than begin the uphill climb and plateau again only to meet our deficiencies face to face again. So, on and on it goes, but your practice regimen must remain constant.

Just being aware of this fact and letting yourself grow with the flow will make you aware of your progress in the quest for the illusive musicianship skills.

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