The Correct Way to Hit a Long Bunker Shot

The first rule from any fairway bunker is to select a club with enough loft so that your shot will clear the front lip. It is a bonus if the club you selected also has the distance to reach the green, but your first priority should be to get the ball over the lip of the bunker.

An essential part of this stroke is clean contact with the ball. You have to strike the ball first because sand soaks up the energy and momentum of the swing. So if your contact with the ball is slightly heavy (ie. you hit the sand first) it will result in a huge loss of distance.

Follow these steps to ensure you hit the ball as cleanly as possible.

Step 1: Choke down on the grip about one inch. This will help you to keep the club head up off the sand and promote clean contact with the ball.

Step 2: Shuffle your feet in the sand to ensure you have a secure footing. This will help you to make a balanced swing. It will also lower the base of your swing, so you must remember to choke down on the club (step 1).

Step 3: Make a smooth, well-balanced swing. It is very important to hit down on the back of the ball. You should not try to help the ball into the air. to ensure you hit down on the back of the ball, concentrate on digging your left shoulder into the ground when coming into contact with the ball.

Step 4: Make sure you hit the ball first. If you hit the sand first the shot will feel very heavy and you will lose a lot of distance.

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