The Art of Clowning – The Joy of Spiritual Clowning

Unknown to many, clowns can also be spiritual. Their purpose is not basically to entertain but also to bring the audience in a state of spiritual awareness. In some cases, it is though the manifestation of a clown’s art that the spectators are also exposed to the stage of deepening their religious faith and thus called Christian clowning. Other defines Christian clowning as a way to get people to loosen up, enjoy themselves, and have fun in a way that is wholesome and exciting. This can be said as different from the rest of clowning styles.

And because of its noble intent, spiritual clowning becomes a growing market today. Why? Simply because this clowning style has dual effect – fun and upliftment of the spiritual aspect. No doubt, that many people are looking into the possibility of venturing this field. Another plus factor about this Christian clowning is the fact that it will introduce fun in a Christian way getting away from the typical merriment which in a sense is purely fun and merrymaking. But, wait, you still have something to know about Christian clowning.

You might be thinking differently, that the clown who is purposely for fun now turns into a preacher of doctrines, dogmas and beliefs – which might end up boring. Of course not. If you thought that way, you’re wrong. Actually, Christian clowning doesn’t have to be strictly construed as referring to Christian ideals. If you take this term in a hard core way of understanding then you will not get the point. It is a clowning style where the substance and presentation is done in a clean and exciting way for all ages. In a gist, it is good, wholesome and clean fun.

It is something that the audience will have something to reflect, discern or learn from the show. It is not the ordinary merriment and fun wherein when all the lights are off and the clown is gone also signals the end. In Christian clowning the audience is lifted in a high-spirited mood, lightening all their heavy loads of problems and worries and at the end they have something to ponder -beautiful lessons of life. If you are into Christian clowning you’ll discover and be amazed how the audience acts in a very relaxed and well -disposed manner. Yes, they are enjoying every moment with a good laugh and some neat tricks. After all, this is a wonderful way to share in the fellowship that Christian people should share.

And just like ordinary clowning, Christian clowning also needs few things. First, you will need an outfit. One of the greatest things about clowning is that there is no uniform. You can freely choose your style.

The usual clowning tools like bright colored outfits, oversized pants and shirts coupled with tiny vests and suspenders, big shoes are important. Second, is the clown make-up. The make-up will create an illusion or drama and third, be yourself. Be creative. Explore the world of possibilities and impossibilities.

So what about Christian clown skits? Well, you just have to be harmless. Your styles and tricks should be appropriate for all ages and for the church. Make sure that your dialogues are part of the scripture.

As your guide you can make skits and scenes that show good Christian values, such as taking care of others, being honest, and doing the right thing. All of these values can be great elements for a skit for young people or people of all ages. In this way, you can bring the Christian message to the people watching – even if they aren’t aware of it.

With Christian clowning, you can do just that – and have a lot of fun in the meantime!

Nov 30th, 2015 | Posted in Humor
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