The Animation Writer’s Cliche Test

To make the test as pleasant and as realistic as possible, we suggest the following guidelines:

1. Don’t think too much.

2. Don’t think at all.

3. Forget what thinking IS.

And now on with the test. Answer all questions honestly and feel free to copy down your neighbor’s answers.

Question #1: Your HEROES have crash-landed their sleek modern AIRCRAFT in a dense jungle. Suddenly, they are surrounded by PRIMITIVE NATIVES who steal the aircraft. For what use?

a) They want the little bags of peanuts.

b) They want to see the in-flight movie

c) They want the air-sickness bags for hats

d) They want to worship it as a god

Question #2: Which of the following characters should you NEVER create for a cartoon show:

a) an optimistic character

b) a character who eats too much

c) a character who invents weird gadgets

d) an interesting character

Question #3: It’s your MAIN CHARACTER’S birthday, but all of his/her friends are avoiding him/her. Why?

Question #4: You’re doing a mystery show in which our main characters are holed up in a haunted house that is very much desired by a GREEDY LAND DEVELOPER. At the end of the episode when the “ghost” is unmasked, it is actually….

a) The character you planted for no other reason

b) The Greedy Land Developer

c) A total surprise

d) Dick Cheney

Question #5: Match the blanks in Column A with the correct phrase in Column B:

A ——————————— B

A_________ is discovered. ——————— frozen Viking

A ________ is discovered.——————— sad robot

A ________ is discovered. ——————— pirate treasure

A ________ is discovered. ———————— dinosaur Egg

An _______ is discovered. ——————— magic amulet

A ________ is discovered. ——————— lost continent

A ________ is discovered. ——————— Egyptian mummy

A ________ is discovered. ——————— homesick alien

An _______ is discovered. ——————– dimensional warp

A ________ is discovered.——————– treasure map

A ________ is discovered.——————– Abominable Snowman

An _______ is discovered. ——————– magic lamp/genii

Question #6: A smash hit movie known for its irreverent comedy, satire and vivid action scenes has been adapted for animation. What won’t the writers be asked to do:

a) irreverent comedy

b) satire

c) vivid action scenes

d) a second season

e) all of the above

Question #7: Your heroes have entered an Egyptian tomb lined with mummies. Statistically, which has the greater chance of happening:

a) The mummies come to life and chase them

b) You will die someday

Question #8: True or False: It is possible to write the climactic action sequence of a script using only the lines “Yikes!”, “ARGGGHHHH!!!” and “Let’s get out of here!”

Question #9: You’ve been told the new show you’ve been assigned to is “unlike any other show. We want only new, fresh original ideas.” Which of the following can you be sure of:

a) the show will be fresh

b) the show will be original

c) by the fifth episode there will be a body switching story

Question #10: What should NEVER happen at the end of an episode?

a) everyone turns TO CAMERA and laughs at something not even remotely funny

b) everyone turns to FIZZBIT, THE ROBOT and laughs at something not even remotely funny

c) the viewing audience turns toward the TV and laughs at something REALLY funny

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