The Advantages of Krups Automatic Coffee Makers

Place a pot of water on the stove and light the burner. Bring the water to a boil and pour over ground beans. Add sugar and creamer to taste. These are the directions that many of our ancestors had to follow to make coffee. Then they went from the primitive way of making it to a slightly more civilized maker that actually ‘perked’ it on the stove. However, this was proven not to work as well as first thought. Burning theĀ  was easy to do and it left a bad taste in the mouth. Then the electric percolator was designed and people found that this was a much simpler way of making it until they designed and began selling automatic drip makers.

An automatic machine can do the entire job by itself except put the ground beans in the filter and put the water in the reservoir. Automatic machines of today are more sophisticated than when they were first designed. Their advantages well out weigh the old version of the coffee makers by designing them so they can be set to begin brewing before you are even out of bed.

There is more than one type of automatic maker on the market today. You can purchase a maker that makes lattes, espresso and even cappuccinos. These machines are a little more expensive because of their design. In a cappuccino maker, the water is held within a reservoir until it begins to boil, then you turn a valve to release the pressure which enables you to froth the milk at the same time your cappuccino is dispensing.

These machines are not as automatic as one would like you to believe but they are the most sophisticated machines for their time. They make coffee making a breeze. The advantages of these automatic machines over other types of manual machines are what entices people to upgrade. They are easy to use, they can be set to come on by themselves, they are usually set to only remain on for 2 hours preventing you from forgetting to turn them off and they are easily cleanable.

Our ancestors had to stand at the stove waiting for the water to boil, then pour the water over the ground coffee beans and hope none of the ground beans got into the final product. Today there are even automatic machines that will ground the beans for you. The convenience of these machines is such that no longer do you have to get the beans pre-ground at the shop. Your beans are freshly ground and freshly brewed at the touch of a button.

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