Tasty Ideas For Preparing Versatile Alaska Cod

For a healthy, responsible choice, give Alaska cod a try. It’s also an economical option and a strong base for a well-rounded, tasty meal. Best of all, cooking cod is easy. The low fat and caloric content and high levels of amino acids make cod a choice fish for dieters, while the versatility and firm texture of the meat promotes creativity in the kitchen.

Alaska cod comes from the clean, cold seas of the shores of Alaska, where it is harvested responsibly by environmentally-minded fisherman. A tender, flaky fish, cod is often distributed as frozen fillets that can be prepared in a variety of ways – baked, sauteed, deep-fried, or poached for use in chowders, salads, casseroles, or served alone with a savory sauce.

If you’re interested in cooking cod, try out a few different recipes using international spices and flavors to help accent the mild, naturally sweet flavor of the fish. Grill the Alaska cod and serve with skewered yams and plantains, all topped off with a spicy coconut sauce, or steam the cod fillets with ginger for an Asian-influenced dish. Try roasting cod, salmon lox, and bacon with a bit of garlic, champagne, cream, and rosemary for a truly gourmet meal that costs next to nothing and is good for you to boot. If what you’re after is comfort food, you might want to deep-fry your Alaska cod and french fry some potatoes for that most English of dishes, fish and chips.

Another idea for cooking cod is a delicious Catalonian cod soup. You can create a savory starter or main dish in just 20 minutes from fresh or frozen cod fillets and a handful of standard supermarket ingredients. Begin by covering the Alaska cod and microwaving the frozen fillets for up to 15 minutes. Cooking cod in fresh or thawed fillet form takes about a third of the time. Separate the cod into small pieces and add to a pot of simmering onions, garlic, saffron, tomatoes, chicken brother, and a dash of white wine. Allow the whole pot to simmer for about 15 minutes longer, permitting the cod to finish cooking before adding some parsley and serving the soup. This tasty dish has less than 450 calories per serving and healthy doses of protein, fiber, calcium, and omega-3s.

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