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You had a late question last week about visiting France. I would highly recommend visiting Provence. I went last year and stayed in Avignon and took day trips from there. We rented an apartment (through uk, apt 341234)*, which was lovely and quite a bargain. I’d be happy to chat with the original poster, if the travel gurus can facilitate this. The only down side to having Avignon as your central point is that the travel office personnel were not very helpful about Avignon, and not at all about Provence. Since we were in an apartment without access to hotel staff or a computer, this was a problem for us. But overall it was a great trip. From Avignon, we visited St. Remy, Nimes, Aix-en-Provence, and Arles. If Avignon does not appeal to you, I also liked Nice quite a bit. I would strongly recommend against Marseille. I am a city dweller and widely traveled and I found it quite gritty and two of us had problems (one an attempted purse snatching and the other being groped, both midday when we were with others). But you might want to visit for the day to take the boat trip to the Calanques (or go to Cassis as another poster suggested); it was gorgeous. *As with all of these sites, do your due diligence. The couple we rented from were quite helpful and did not ask for advance payment. My review is on the page. The only slight negative for me (which I forgot to mention in the review) is that the bathroom has a shower attachment and no shower curtain. Therefore, until you get the hang of it, prepare for some wet bathroom floors!

Jun 26th, 2012 | Posted in Web Resources
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