• Stupid Drivers

    I am all for human type people exercising their horrible motoring privileges, but really, some human type people should not have a license! That is what makes me mad. These morons get a driver’s license (from a gumball machine I’m guessing) and then slam the byway, wreaking havoc and making the good wanna be byway warriors nuts. Now, there are a bunch of different “horrible wanna be byway warriors,” but there are some that just really take the cake. I have listed my top ten horrible driver types. You may have your own top ten list, but these are the things that just really gripe my cookie. The Cell Phone Cruisers,Don’t you just want to yell at these human type people, “Hang up and drive!”? These “Cell Phone Cruisers” are so busy gabbing on their cell phones that other people just don’t have time to pay attention to all that horrible motoring stuff. So while other people are yakking away, other people are meandering into other lanes, going very slow, randomly braking for no reason and generally being a byway hazard.

    Aug 8th, 2009 | Filed under Stress Management
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