Surprisingly Amazing Facts About Vaginal Discharge and Odour

Women and girls have just one topic in common to discuss which is about vaginal discharge and odor. There are many women who are afraid to speak out aloud about their symptoms because of shame and disgrace. Many husbands consider their wives untouchable when they show vaginal discharge and odor. If you are one among such husbands this article is also a help to you.

Vaginal discharge and odor can be caused due to many reasons. Bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and trichomoniasis are some of the common gynecological conditions in which these symptoms appear. Do not worry as it is always not necessary that you are responsible for the origin of diseases. If your partner is infected, they can transfer the harmful pathogens in to you which results in any of these illness.

There are many other conditions in which vaginal discharge and odor appears together. They are infections, presence of foreign body in the vagina, forgotten tampon, usage of condoms, intra uterine devices, vaginal carcinoma, cervical carcinoma, uterine cancer and bowel cancer. Do not overlook your symptoms because they may be representing some deep seated illness. As soon as the signs of vaginal discharge and odor come up meet the nearby physician and get your self checked which helps in early determination of the disease.

Do not start any treatment unless and until a doctor confirm your diagnosis. Some times wrong treatment can lead to flaring up of the disease considerably. In many cases a detailed family history will be required. Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed medications given to a woman suffering from this illness. Always keep in mind that vaginal discharge accompanied by odor is dangerous otherwise it is normal in many women.

Nowadays Chlamydia and gonorrhea is coming up frequently. These are bacteria which cause infection in the cervix. Unlike others they are only caused when you are sexually active. They are treatable with pills and injections. IN such cases both the partners should be examined to prevent recurrence.

Do not worry if you are suffering from vaginal discharge and odor as they are treatable nowadays. Determine the cause first and then select the most harmless mode of treatment.

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