Sugar Cravings Heighten at Easter – 13 Questions to Ask a Would-Be Chocoholic

Is there a particular time of year when people simply give in to their obsessive sugar cravings? Some might argue yes.

The Easter sweets season is certainly in the running for being a popular excuse time to allow your natural food cravings take over your life. In fact, next to Halloween, Easter ranks as the second biggest candy-eating day of the year, followed by Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

In the United States, consumers forked over 1.9 billion on Easter candy in 2000, just a little less than the $2 billion spent on Halloween.

(On a related note, when polled, 76% of adults admit to eating the ears of the Easter chocolate bunny first. Some 5% nibble on the feet first, while 4% go straight for the tail.)

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs Break Records Year after Year One of the most popular sugar cravings is chocolate. In the UK alone, consumers gobble more than 1,500 African elephants worth of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs annually.

And that record amount is growing, with more than 75% of UK women admitting to having a chronic food craving, with chocolate the biggest culprit. As to their favourite chocolate, adults prefer milk chocolate (65%) to dark chocolate (27%).

These findings bring attention to the dilemma faced by many weight-conscious people, especially around the traditional Easter chocolate feeding frenzy. How do you wean yourself off this insatiable craving?

Perhaps, like any addiction, the first step is recognizing and admitting you have a problem. So here’s a short list of questions to ask yourself to see where you stand to see if you suffer from sugar craving syndrome.

Do food cravings have a hold over you? Look at the following questions and answer Yes or No.

? Are you embarrassed about how much chocolate and sweet biscuits you consume?

? Do you graze on chocolate, sweets, biscuits or similar foods throughout the day?

? Do you make impulse purchases of junk food even when you resolved not to?

? Do you keep a stash of comfort food at home?

? Do you routinely eat sweet food after meals or in the evening?

? Have you eaten the children’s chocolate?

? Have you bought chocolate as a gift and eaten it yourself?

? If you didn’t have chocolate at home, would you go out to buy some?

? Did you eat more than three chocolate bars last week?

? Do you have more than 3 soft drinks a week?

? Do you regularly consume ice cream?

? Do you take sugar in your tea or coffee?

? Do you prefer chocolate to sex?

If you answered “Yes” to three or more questions, you likely need to take some action. Five ticks means things are pretty much out of your control and six or more gets you the label of Chocoholic!

But there is a solution, so don’t panic. If you want to control your cravings, learn to regulate your blood sugar levels. Bottom line: you’ll feel and perform better when your blood glucose levels are stable.

So think twice about the 2-pound chocolate Easter bunny with the oversized ears.

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