Stop Smoking Gum – Does it Work?

People smoke for different reasons, but the one thing all smokers have in common is once they get started, it is very difficult to stop.

One of the most successful products on the market to help people quit is stop smoking gum. This gum provides a stream of nicotine that is absorbed directly into a person’s system as they chew it. The gum can be chewed throughout the day, usually with a max of about 20 pieces in any given day. The gum can be a very discrete way for someone to attempt to quit. It also comes in different flavors just like any other type of gum might.

Another benefit of stop smoking gum is that it provides a person with that needed oral fixation that they might be missing from not smoking. Often times, people that are addicted to smoking are also addicted to constantly having something in their mouth. They get used to it and can feel jittery or nervous without it.

Chewing the gum provides their mouth with that much needed movement. The gum is also not a noticeable intervention to a person’s friends and family. After all, many people chew gum on a regular basis. This can help a person avoid any feelings of embarrassment about quitting. It can also help avoid any unwanted conversations about how their attempt to quit is working.

When someone chooses a stop smoking gum as their method to help them quit, they need to remember that the gum is just a tool. It is not going to magically make them quit. Self-discipline is probably the strongest weapon in the fight to quit smoking. The gum is a nice ally because you can control when and where you chew it. A typical piece of gum will take about 20 – 30 minutes of chewing to release all of the nicotine into the bloodstream. The gum can also be bought in different doses.

For most of the nicotine gum on the market, the goal is to help a person quit in 12-16 weeks, although there are some programs that guarantee you will quit in 7 days that yield impressive results with today’s increasing health technology.

A very positive step toward quitting smoking is for a person to choose a stop smoking gum to help them. The biggest thing that person needs, however, is not the gum. It is the support of their friends and family members that will enable them to complete their road to quitting. That support system will also help them avoid a relapse into their smoking habit. It is one thing to quit, and another thing to make it a life long commitment.

Part of the addiction to cigarettes is the physical addictions. There are also the emotional addictions to smoking that must be dealt with as well. It is for this reason that when buying a stop smoking gum kit, make sure it comes with an audio CD as well. This will maximize your chances of quitting since “both sides” of the addiction will be taken care of.

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