South Korea Changes Its Mind, Allows Fendi To Show Fur On Seoul Runway


Fendi’s much-hyped South Korean fashion show is set to go down Thursday, and the Karl Lagerfeld-helmed fashion house is no doubt relieved that they’ll be allowed to show fur on the Seoul runway.

Just a couple of weeks ago, city officials told Fendi fur was a no-go, as protestors were planning huge demonstrations against the brand (which, FYI, is known for its fur). Fendi was pissed because its team had been working on the show for months, and didn’t hear any objections until mid-May. Alas, Fendi argued (and won) its case, though the show will now feature “fewer fur products”. Regardless, we’re super curious to see the presentation, which is being staged on a man-made island in the Han River.

Moral of the story: you gotta fight for your right to party show fur.

[AP via HuffPost Style]

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May 31st, 2011 | Posted in Fashion
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