Snack Basket Idea With a Hollywood Twist

What kind of snack basket would be the ultimate in anyone’s life?

It would be the kind that would delight the taste buds of the receiver to start. And it would also keep that lucky person happily entertained for hours. What could this absolute gem of a gift idea be? It would be a …

Movie Gift Basket! Think about it. First off, these treasures are perfect for those with a weakness for various types of edible goodies. And there is a generous variety of munchies in these gifts that would bring glee into anyone’s life. Such as?

These snack basket ideas can have Cracker Jacks, Planters Peanuts, Skittles, pretzels, cookies, Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers, M & M’s, as well as the traditional satisfying popcorn. Many even contain two bottles of old-fashioned soda pop to cleanse the palate as well.

Imagine the look in the recipient’s eyes when these treats are first gazed upon. The word “awe” would be fitting in this case. The bounty of delectable items on display before them would bring about a most exhilarating moment.

Yes, these sweet and salty bites to nibble would be more than enough to make up a splendid snack basket to give anyone. But there’s an added dimension to a Movie Gift Basket that could win you an Academy Award for creativity.

What is the added attraction to this bodacious bundle of crunchy, gooey snacks that makes this gift truly remarkable? The answer is a Blockbuster Gift Card. This gives the recipient the choice of any flick that suits his or her fancy.

That means giving hours of entertainment to suit the taste of the lucky recipient of your gift giving kindness. The choice of action thrillers, comedies, chick-flicks, or whatever is at his or her disposal. It would be giving a custom-made show that could amuse one guy or gal – or even a whole bunch of people at the same time.

So go beyond the limited world of snack basket consciousness into the galaxy of Movie Gift Baskets. Here’s your chance to be seen as being a superstar among the great gift givers. And one with quite a keen sense of imagination!

May 28th, 2017 | Posted in Gifts
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