Small Penis Love Making Positions – Hot and Steamy Poses For Small Situations!

The Joyride: to begin with, both partners resume in typical woman-on-top position, with her facing you. As she sits onto the penis, have her to lean backward slightly and rest her feet near your shoulder. Next, she keeps her legs close and thrusts in rotary motion as though she is doing belly dance move. This ensures that the vaginal wall receives maximum friction for greater orgasmic bliss. As well, the snug fit can amp up arousal level for both partners.?/p>

The V-formation: the main problem with having a small penis is that penetration is limited. However, you can fix this dilemma with a canoodle position called “V-formation”. Here’s how to get into the pose: have her to lie flat on her back, and you kneel between her legs like you normally would in regular missionary position. Next, have her to lift up her legs and spread them apart to form a “V” shape. That way, you will be able to enter deeply and keep her satisfied.

Rear entry: if you are not well endowed, you can’t go wrong with sex from the back. Rear entry makes fabulous sex in small situations as it will make a small member feels huge. Here’s how: you stand behind her near the edge of bed. Then, she bends down and rests her hands on the bed. As you enter from behind, use your hands to support her waist. The downward maneuver allows the penis to stimulate the G-spot erotically. As well, it gives you total freedom to tease her with your erection.

May 3rd, 2009 | Posted in Sexuality
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