Skiathos Greece – A Combination of Good Beaches and Wild Beach Bars on a Single Island

Skiathos Greece is mostly famous for its picturesque, sandy beaches and its wild bars that attract many youngsters on the island. After Mykonos and Paros, also known for their vivid nightlife, Skiathos is the third top nightlife destination among the Aegean islands.

Situated on northern Aegean Sea, Skiathos belongs to Sporades islands. It is frequently linked to mainland Greece with normal ferries and hydrofoils. The first thing for a tourist to see upon arrival is the cosmopolitan and beautiful Chora, the capital village of Skiathos island, with its cobbled paved paths, the stone red-tiled houses and the lovely cafeterias that line the port. Chora is a great place to stroll around in the evening, however in the daytime, when the sun is burning hot, Skiathos Sporades is most worthy for its wonderful beaches.

Most beaches on Skiathos Greece are sandy and stretch for long. They are usually surrounded by lush greenery that consists of bushes and pine trees. The most famous beach on Skiathos is Koukounaries, on the southern side of the island. In general, the southern and southwestern side of Skiathos has the best and most organized beaches. Koukounaries has wonderful water and white sand. Many water sports clubs are found there and visitors can enjoy water skiing, banana rides, sailing and many more.

Apart from Koukounaries, another famous beach on Skiathos is Banana, a small cove of which is an official naturist beach. Not as organized as Koukounaries, it is equally beautiful though. Agia Paraskevi and Achladies beaches are also developed and popular among visitors.

Apart from its beautiful ambiance and clean waters, Skiathos beaches are also famous for their beach bars. These bars usually open in late May and close in late September, which means that they work all high tourism season long. They play loud music, offer cool drinks, organize themes parties and many of them stay open till the early hours. While in the day people enjoy the sun and sand on the beaches of Skiathos, in the night youngsters light small fires on the beach, dance with the music of the beach bars and enjoy their drink under the moonlight.

This romantic and vivid atmosphere makes Skiathos Greece an adorable summer destination. True relaxation and entertainment can be found on a single Greek island, somewhere on Northern Aegean.

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