ShopWurld Review – Is ShopWurld a Great Opportunity Or a Scam?

ShopWurld is an Internet mall that offers the ability to start a business and earn commissions with a business opportunity as well.  They have become quite popular and gained a bit of publicity recently, but the real questions is simply this:  Is ShopWurld a legit business opportunity, or just another online pyramid scheme?  That’s what we answer in this article.

ShopWurld – The Good

ShopWurld is has agreements to act as a service shopping portal for numerous stores and companies.  This list includes brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Blockbuster Video, Dell, Dick’s Sporting goods, JC Penny, Macy’s, PetSmart, and others.  The idea is simple:  Instead of walking to these establishments, shop them online.

The twist is that they have combined with idea with a network marketing model, so that you can actually generate a business promoting this concept to others.  When they shop online, you get a commission check.  It’s a novel concept, but the pitch itself goes back to the very roots of network marketing.

The very first major network marketing business had a similar concept – get paid by consolidating your buying through one portal, then recruit others to do the same.  It’s a great idea, and this time they have combined it with the power of the internet.  However, there is always more to growing a business than firing up a website.

ShopWurld – The Other Side Of The Coin

With a  progressive idea for the business, you would think a progressive marketing model would be in place as well.  Unfortunately, they are still using “person to person” marketing, or warm-marketing to develop their organizations.  This is usually presented as an easy sell, that you simply make a list of people that you know, show them the website, and they just jump in all by themselves.  There are several challenges with this, including:

    Sustainability – not having enough people to speak with on a long-term basis

    Skepticism – people don’t like being sold by their friends and family

    Comfort – when you are prospecting and selling to people that you know personally, it can feel a bit weird

To have a long-term, successful ShopWurld business, you would need to find a way to bring people to you who are looking for what you are marketing.  This can be achieved with the right systems and technology in place, but it does take knowledge to put these types of systems together.

If you are going to grow a ShopWurld business, you have several advantages with the products and services they offer.  But you need to make sure you have a marketing system in place for long-term success.

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