Shopping For Tents – A Few Thoughts on Car Tents

Campers have very different preferences. Some folks love to travel “All Inclusive” with departure, destiny and accommodations already booked. Activities and tours are planed and organized in advance and they enjoy their vacations rather passively. Other folks are looking for an adventure and want to explore the unknown. These folks don’t make to many plans and vary their destinations and stations in between short trips from site to site.

Other folks are campers. They usually book neither departure nor arrival. They carry their own accommodations in the form of mobile home, trailer or tent. There are limitations, though. To set up a tent or park your trailer or mobile home you’ll need to go to a site or resort. Then you need to know how to set up your tent or to attach your mobile home to the facilities.

You want to be even more flexible? Then a car tent might be your choice. You put this tent up on the roof of you car. Putting it up is rather simple, but it is strongly recommended to practise the setup in advance. Since you are sleeping on the roof top of your car, the roof should support you with ease. Jeeps and SUV’s are the ideal carrier for car tent. These tents offer a variety of comforts these days like a floor that supports your mattress and sleeping bag. They came in fabric like canvass or partially with hardcover roofs made of plastic. In this case the hardcover makes a very good case for transportation, too.

A roof tent or car tent is something you should look into and find out if it’s the right thing for you. It usually houses two, so it’s the ideal tent for a lovely trip with your loved one. And since your house is sitting right on top of your car, you can almost always take off on a moments notice and explore the great outdoors.

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