Shop For Her

    Nix The Gift Card- A gift card is a great gift idea from a coworker, family or a friend. However, when it comes to her sweetheart, nothing feels more special than receiving a gift from him, that conveys how he feels about her and how hard he worked on making it very special.

    Create A Plan – Most women are natural planners, why not impress her and improve the outcome of the night by planning the day with activities that caters solely to her and watch the way she will reward you in return.

    Take Control –  Let her feel like the only thing she has to do, is relax and enjoy her day. Prioritize all tasks that must be done. Earn bonus points by finishing something that’s she’s asked you to do previously, on numerous occasions. Even if it’s still not completed, she will appreciate the effort. Be sure to follow up.

    Make it Memorable –  If money is an issue like most of us, be creative and shop for items of sentimental value. There are some great silver pieces of jewelry available in stores like Tiffany, such as: a necklace, pendant or a charm that can be added to a charm bracelet later on. Or, try a new restaurant. If you’re feeling creative, why not make a homemade video of you serenading her? These are all great keepsakes.

    Be Her Fantasy –  She’s not Mary anymore. Tonight, her name is Bambi and she’s been a bad, bad, girl. Your job is to do whatever she wants and for however long she wants, tonight.

    Give Her 100% of Your Attention - At this moment, it is not about work, kids, money, family, problems or anything else. Take off the t.v, turn off all the cell phones, and respond tomorrow to emails; enjoy this special moment with her. She will definitely give you 100% in return.

    Affirm Her – Let her know how sexy she is and have fun with expressing your love for her. Write a poem, hum a tune, dance or try shopping for exotic flowers, because just like her, they are unique. No matter what you do, just make sure she knows how much she is loved and appreciated.

    Don’t Ask Other Women –  You are tempted to ask the sales woman and several female passersby; I would advise that you do not, simply because they will all tell you what they would like. The one size fits all strategy definitely is not applicable here. Stick firmly to what you want to get her.

    Relax – Surprise! Your hard work and sweat have paid off and now you have learned the secrets on how to shop for her. No matter the price tag, if there is not any real effort behind it, then that’s all it is. Wow her by being patient, creative and making a real effort.That’s the best gift to give and the most appreciative one to receive.

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