Savannah Romantic Getaway

Keeping a relationship fresh, new and thriving takes quite a bit of work and some time away from real life. One of the ways that you can add a little spice to your relationship with your spouse or partner is to take a trip alone together. One place that you will want to consider is Savannah, Georgia. It offers beautiful Savannah Bed & Breakfasts, as well as Savannah hotels to help bring the two of you closer together and to give you a break from everyday life. What other things should you look for when planning your Savannah getaway weekend?

- A fantastic room. Whether you choose a room at one of the many Savannah Bed & Breakfasts or a room at one of the many Savannah hotels, you will find that there is a great deal of variety in accommodations. If you are looking for a home-like atmosphere a Bed & Breakfast may be the best choice, but if you are looking for tons of amenities like a pool, bar, spa, and restaurant, a hotel may be the better choice. Consider the wants and needs of the two of you in making your reservations for your Savannah getaway weekend.

- Great romantic restaurants. You will also find a varied selection of restaurants in Savannah. From restaurants located in stately, older mansions to newer, upscale restaurants to family restaurants, there is a great deal of variety in the food offerings in Savannah.

- Fun activities for couples. Savannah is known for being a pedestrian friendly city and walking around the Historic District will give you the opportunity to spend time together and see the city in the best way possible. If walking around does not sound good to you, you can take advantage of the many different tour services that are available, including a carriage ride, bus ride, and more. If seeing the historical sites is not something that you want to do, you can choose to visit nearby Tybee Island and enjoy the beach and Atlantic Ocean. From golf to history to spending time at the beach and more, you will most certainly find an activity that you both will enjoy in Savannah.

- A willingness to relax, enjoy, and have fun. Taking a Savannah getaway weekend with your partner or spouse is a time to refresh and relax. It is also a time to enhance and work on your relationship. Daily life makes it very difficult to connect with each other and taking this time away can give your relationship new life and joy.

The number of accommodations, restaurants, and activities that are in Savannah make it an excellent choice for a Savannah getaway weekend. Being able to connect with your significant other away from the stresses of life can help to make your relationship stronger and more able to handle “real” life. You both will come back happy and refreshed after your Savannah getaway weekend. What could be more fun and better for your relationship?

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