Replica Designer Handbags – Are They a Good Idea?

It’s an idea that’s hard to resist – showing off your new designer handbag and having all your friends drooling over it. Considering the cost of real designer handbags, this dream is going to stay a dream for most of us. But what about a replica designer handbag?

These days, the replicas are often so good that it takes a real expert to pick one. It’s easy to get online, do a search and find plenty of places that sell replicas. They come in almost every imaginable size, style, color and label. And the price tag is a lot more acceptable to most of us. That’s particularly true if you manage to pick up a bargain on an auction site.

But is it a good idea to buy a replica designer handbag? Or are you asking for trouble?

The reality is that if you buy your handbag from a dodgy source, you’re taking a risk. Chances are it will be okay, but if you’re going to buy a replica, at least avoid the more suspect methods of doing it. You just don’t know what you’re getting, and there is no protection or recourse if you have a problem. Be prepared for the fact that your replica may be average to poor quality, and there’s not likely to be much you can do about it.

Having said that, if you buy from a reputable source chances are you’ll end up with a fake Fendi that’s so good that even you’ll struggle to believe you didn’t buy the real thing, and it should last a reasonable period of time too. You don’t have to confess to anyone unless you really feel you want to.

Another advantage to a replica designer handbag is that if it gets stolen, at least you’ve only a blown a small amount of cash. Definitely not as bad as the pain you’d feel if you’d paid full price for a genuine designer handbag. Still, be aware that designer handbags can be a target for thieves, so make sure you’re prepared in case it does go missing.

Of course, there are bigger issues at stake here. Often replica handbags are sourced in ways that may be dubious, and the way they’re sold means that tax is avoided. This is not good for the economy. And in the end, if everybody buys cheap replicas instead of the real thing, at some point it the designers may decide to call it quits.

In the end, the decision to buy a replica designer handbag is up to you. If you’re willing to accept the risks for that moment of being the envy of all your friends, then go for it!

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