Relaxation in the South – Hotel in Galle, Sri Lanka

The southern province of the island Sri Lanka offers many of the country’s most amazing tourist spots and destinations. When you come to Sri Lanka, this southern part of the island should not be missed. If you thought Sri Lanka is all about beautiful beaches, exotic people and cuisine, then you’ll be missing out a lot. Galle, the capital of the southern province of is a city of colorful history. When you decide to visit, one major consideration is finding a Hotel in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Galle aka Point de Galle

Formerly known as Point de Galle, this city is a seaport the borders a tea growing region. Galle became an essential commercial port at the start of the 16th century while much of Sri Lanka was under the Portuguese occupation and later when it came under the Dutch. Galle’s population declined during the 19th century following the improvements made at the port of Colombo. Currently there is a wide range of choices for a Hotel in Galle Sri Lanka as more and more tourist comes to explore the sites of Galle.

UNESCO has made Galle’s Dutch port a World Heritage Site as this popular town attraction has been magnificently kept. The 300-year-old Dutch atmosphere is still present around the port along with many of the historical buildings that were not yet invaded by high-rise buildings. Beautiful beaches are just a few kilometers away of the Galle center; some travelers may opt to check out places to stay there.

Galle’s southern coastline is probably the most popular among tourist. This beach strip comes alive on the months of October until April while monsoon winds move northeast and leaves the sea calm and tranquil under bright blue skies.

Galle Hotel Choices

Galle is best explored by feet and walking around from the wide range of boutique hotels and colonial houses that are offered for guest’s accommodations. Take your pick from luxurious hotels that offer modern amenities at the heart of Galle colonial surroundings or the cheap apartments that are just right for backpackers and adventurers.

With high-end luxuries, more upscale hotels can provide the choicest guest every bit of comfort they can imagine. Feel the air of Galle’s lost era as you check in and stay at some of the colonial hotels renovated to welcome visiting tourists and guests. You can never go wrong with these luxury hotels, as you are guaranteed elegant rooms, astonishingly affordable three course meals from certified hotel chefs, as well as impressive staff service, which are the signature of Sri Lankan service and hospitality.

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